Rounders:Batting the ball you must stand still with

Rounders:Batting – When batting in rounders you must make sure your are standing sideways on with your feet shoulder width apart.

batting arm straight back, bat up 90 degrees to arm. Then  weight from your back to front foot, follow through in the direction you want the ball to go.Bowling – When bowling you must with index finger, middle finger and thumb. Also you must bend your knee to ensure you can be as accurate as possible and not bowl a no ball. A more advanced bowler may change the pace of bowl, change the angle and maybe even add spin to make it harder for the batter to hit the ball.

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Fielding – After chasing the ball when fielding you need to try throw the ball the a base to try run someone out. To accurately throw the ball you need pick up the ball and turn into a throwing position, aim and throw from a static position to ensure your throw is powerful and accurate. When catching the ball you must stand still with hands above eye level and and hands facing the ball which your fingers spread widely apart, when the ball comes into contact with your hands you must bring your hands into your chest to make sure the ball is not dropped.

Football:Passing – When passing in football you need to firstly make sure you are aware of the players around you so you can make a pass without getting tackled.then you can open your body up look for a player to pass to then execute the pass. You do this by putting a foot on one side of the ball and then with the other foot kick through the centre of the ball.Tackling – When tackling in football you must get close to your opponent when in position of the ball. it is best to stand side on with your eyes constantly on the ball.

when you are in this position you can start to think about tackling and coming into contact with the ball, to make the tackle you must bend your knee slightly and lock your ankle before striking the ball.Shooting – when shooting in football you must get yourself into a position when you can open up your body and pull back your leg to shoot. When in this position you must observe the keeper’s position, then keep your head down and eyes on the ball making sure your body is over the ball. Then strike the middle to top part of the ball to gain the most power and accuracy.

Heading – when heading the ball you need to keep your eyes on the ball and make sure you watch the trajectory of the ball. Also need to fix your neck and put your chin to your chest so you. You need to hit the ball with your forehead to gain most power and refrain from injury. When a player becomes better at heading they can learn how to do a diving header, which is more beneficial because you can make more advanced headers to either score or defend a goal.


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