This protocol is used for

Routing protocols• AODVAODV stands for (AH-hoc on-demand distance -vector routing protocol).This protocol is used for ad-hoc networks and wireless ad-hoc networks. This protocol is established only when a node wants to send data packets to another node (on-demand).The AODV is used for both unicast and multicast routing. The AODV uses sequence number to keep track of the freshness of routes in route table also it is loop free, self-starting and handles large number of mobile nods. AODV maintains routes for as long as the route is active.

AODV builds routes using a route request and route reply query cycle. We used this protocol because it is used for wireless networks and supported for growing networks.• DSRDSR stands for (Dynamic Source Routing). It is used for wireless mesh networks. It uses on-demand route means whenever a node wants to send a packet to another node. It uses source routing.

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Information is continuously updated at mobile nodes. It allows the networks to be self-organized and self-configuring. The protocol uses two mechanisms (Route Discovery) and (Route maintenance).

Route discovery determines the optimum path for communication between a source node and a destination node .Route maintenance ensures that the path remains optimum and loop -free according to the changes in the network. We used this protocol because it has self -configuration and used for wireless communication.


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