Ryan citizens of society. Having an education

Ryan HuangPeriod 612/15/17Rough DraftEducation is “the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.” What is the purpose of education? Education is important and necessary for each and every person. It goes without saying that each person has to have a proper education in order to succeed in today’s society. Education does not have one single purpose, it has multiple purposes and the importance of each one could be different. We acquire basic abilities such as reading, writing, and critical thinking through education.

Students have goals and ambitions they want to fulfil when they reach adulthood. Education helps us discover and explore our different interests to reach those goals and ambitions. The overall purpose of education is not to prepare one for the next grade, but to prepare students to be self-sufficient adults capable of becoming a productive citizen in society.Not only does education provide students with knowledge it also teaches them important life lessons that will prepare them in the future. For example, turning in assignments on time to the teacher shows how much a student values responsibility. Having a strong sense of responsibility plays a important role in one’s ability in becoming a successful citizen.

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When becoming an adult in the future one must be responsible for coming to work on time, providing for family, and giving to the community. Another life lesson learned through education is that good decision making leads to a brighter future. We learn to understand that bad decision making leads to severe consequences and good decision making leads to praise, respect from others, and increase in self. Sometimes, making the right decision may not be the easiest, but in the long run it will pay off and prepare individuals to become productive citizens of society. Having an education increases one’s advancement on the social and economic ladder. Depending on how far one decides to choose to go in their education will determine the career that they will have in the future.

It will also determine one’s usefulness and effectiveness in society. Without a good education it will be incredibly difficult to become a productive citizen in society. For example, one who chooses to not go to college will be significantly less knowledgeable and will not be as useful and effective to society than somebody who has finished college. One who advances in higher education will have more opportunities to discover exactly what kind of career they would want to pursue.Education helps builds one’s character to allow one to become model citizens of society.


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