Safer use and has proven its likelihood of

Safer Drivers Is technology as harmless as it seems? Cars are safer than ever with advancing technology, yet car crashes are still as often as they used to be. Being distracted by a phone while driving can lead to harm or death. Teenagers have a 58% total of all crashes that occur in the nation.

What can prevent these numbers from going up? One of the multiple ways that would ensure low cell phone use is Drive First by Sprint. This app locks the phone when you reach 10 MPH the users phone locks and prevents audio from the phone. All emails are silenced and texts get auto replies that say “I can’t answer cause I’m driving.” The few exceptions to this app would include a set of numbers that can override the app, like parents phone number. This means parents can call and text. The other exception is the emergency number 911 can be called. This app is intended for teen use and has proven its likelihood of working slightly. Since the app can be uninstalled teens can still have the capability for texting and the overall assumption of being distracted.

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Making safer drivers or preventing further numbers in the total is the assumption that car technology will do everything. The overestimation of a cars technology is likely throughout the nation. Hands free technology and digital instruction can cause accidents because of the care free attitude that this brings. Nearly 25% of car accidents that are due to overestimation of technology are a result of trusting a blind-spot feature a car has. This feature lets people know if moving into another lane is safe, due to the neglect of people not using their own two eyeballs that are in there head, accidents can occur. This is one of the many features people overestimate about a car. People not wanting to use their own perception whether something is safe or not causes accidents, which people should trust themselves when driving not others.Imagine a car that takes verbal communication.

Infotainment systems are being programmed into most new cars for the ease of travel for the customers. The technology was used as it should be used except this system can influence driving accidents due to the incapability of the drivers attention to the road.


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