Saint and many Polish became refugees. Maximilian organized

Saint Maximillian Kolbe was born in Zdunska Poland January 8, 1849. While Maximillian Kolbe lived on Poland he became a Conventual Franciscan Friar for the O.F.

M. The O.F.M. is the Order of Friars Minors Capuchin. While working for the O.F.M he founded the Immaculata movement which is a world wide evangelization movement devoted to Our lady of Guadalupe.

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Maximillian lived in Poland during World War 2 and unfortunately experienced the hatred of the Nazi’s first hand. In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and many Polish became refugees. Maximilian organized a friary where they housed 3,000 polish refugees. One day while in his monastery praying with refugees, Nazi guards came and captured him along with the refugees.

A few days after his capture he was sent to a concentration camp in Auschwitz. while he was there, Maximillian’s prison number in Auschwitz was 16770. One day Nazi guards came looking for an escaped prisoner from Maximillian’s bunker When the guards could not find the prisoner, ten men were chosen to die in the starvation pit. As the guards rounded up the ten men, one man cried out “My wife! My children ! I will never see them again.’ As Maximilian heard this he stepped forward and sked to die in the man’s place.

the guards allowed Maximillian to switch because of his old age. slowly, we after week in the starvation pit, men started to die until Maximilian was the only one left. it was then that the Nazi’s called in an executioner. The executioner was equipped with a lethal dose of carbolic acid and injected it into the left arm of Father Kolbe.During Maximillian’s final weeks in the starvation pit, he encouraged others to keep fighting.

he encouraged them by praying and doing meditations of the Lord. He also read psalms of the passions of Christ. It is because of this, that Maximillian Kolbe was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1971. Maximillian Kolbe was also canonized as saint by Pope John Paul II. in honor of Saint Maximillian Kolbe’s sacrifice, he is given the feast day of August 14th.Saint Maximillian Kolbe was a great man that represented the Catholic Church and was confirmed a martyr.

Although Saint Maximilian Kolbe was Put through a lot his faith never ceased. his faith in God drove him to encourage others and continue to stay strong through difficult times. We will always remember him on August 14th.


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