Sales from Bella canvas and some other companies.

Sales Manual Part B1. The Recognition Process… Creating and Communicating Value – 1 to 2 pages –Meeting your prospect for the first time using the Consultative Sales Approach; ask questions to discover the need – refer to SPIN in the text book.

Needs- Gap Analysis.Create an effective sales dialogue that could be used for the video sales presentation.• Dialogue format – Sales rep and prospect ( you and your prospect )• Introduce yourself and your company – I am Komalbir Singh and I am CEO of ALTH company. It is a company in which T shirts are printed so we buy plane and simple t shirts from Bella canvas and some other companies. Generally, the price of t shirts is $3.00 and it increases and decrease based on which material of Blank T shirt you are buying. Afterward the creative design is printed on T shirts and then we post on online websites. When customer buys it Then shopify delivers it on provided address of customer.

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• Put the customer/prospect at ease. Make “small talk” to get the customer involvedWhen customers comes to my shop I like to give them warmly welcome and greeting. I ask them Question like how are you and how is your day or how is weather in order to make them confortable.

Then I like to comment on their clothing or hair style or tattoo.As the conversation move forward if customer say that he or she did something and then praise about that and I do it very carefully.I use customer name for talk as it helps more to involve customer. As soon as conversation go deep then I ask them what kind cloths they are looking for.• Move the conversation to the business at hand.After giving greets then I move toward the business talk. First listen carefully what they neeed or ask them what kind of clothing they need.Use easy and simple proffesional words for conversation.Adtionally use soft tune vaice while taking to them.

Afterward show them all cloths related to kind of product they want.Talk to be honest so that you can build up trust.When customer trust you then they will come back again.https://www.• Start to ask the customer questions in order to establish the needs – Refer to text book, handout and on line research .Start asking question about –Situation needs – Some time you have to ask question about their situation need. As their might be a party or Halloween according to which they need cloths or other productsFunctional needs – Sometimes customers want something functional need.Like if customer want heavy and warm cloth to protect him or her from cold weather.

Social need – It occurs sometimes as some trends started in social world. Then customers wants some products or cloths related to that trend in order to participate in itSlide 8 of presentation Chapter 3• Identify confirm and summarize three customer needsSocial needs- When there is trend coming from social world. The customers want to follow that treand so they want some products that conveys that message like some time T shirts are designs to convey message of social world.Funtional needs – as in winter and summer customers chose heavey and light cloths.The havy cloths protect them from cold.

Situation need – There are sometime situation for which customer need product. Like in rainy day they need umbrealla or water proof jakets.• State the Bridge• Present FAB• Objections –1. The objective of my company is to sell product with best quality and with Varity.2.

To achieve huge success in business.3. Make the manufacturing process less harmful to environment.• Handle objections –1.

Ask from customer why they think price of product is too high2. Show the benefits of your product to customer and provide them the complete information of product.3. Provide warranty to customer that if anything happens to product then they will return their money back or they will exchange product with new one.

• Close the sale – In deals terms, shutting is for the most part characterized as the minute when a prospect or client chooses to make the buy.In the section of your presentation that deals customer objections and concerns please refer to:• 3 Techniques to Answer Concerns ( exhibit 8.8 –pg. 195 as example )1. Feel – show and explain the customer that we are very emphasise about the inconvenience customer is suffering.

2. Appolozise – Then tell the customer that we apologize for our product inconvenience.3. Diagnose – Afterward diagnose the product problem and then tell the customer solution about that.• 3 Techniques to Earn Commitment ( technique, how it works, example )1. After getting solution of problem of product that your customer are suffering. Then make some changes in new products so that new customer never get those problems2. Improve the quality so that brand will earn respect among customers.

3. Try to deliver your services fast to customers.• The information here will give you good ideas for your dialogue


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