sales “Precluding quality printing that sanity the

sales service and taking job order and transfer to home office Other in Gondar sale Shop. The objective of GPE”Precluding quality printing that sanity the cost comers and thus maximize the volume of the production and sales that contributes to the countries by producing quality packaging materials and tables the enterprise has so many visions mission”.

The vision of enterpriseThe enterprise has the vision of being competitive in printing sector and there by achieve its wide profitability by covering 20% to nationally and 70% to regionally. The mission of enterprise The enterprise has the mission of being portable by providing quality printing services and contributes to the economy.1.3 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMIn our today’s business world every organization whose aim is doing business and, those whose productivity in depend on their successive human resource planning.It enforce them to recruit and select employees which is the determinates of organization performance (Mandy 1999) Recruiting, selecting and placing the most qualified worker to the job is the key determinate of organizations performance thus GPE should know and apply effective recruitment and selection principles based on effective human resource planning using internal and external recruitment sources.

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Incline with this the researcher wants to bridge the gap by answering the following research questions which are directly related the specific objective of the study:- What are employee’s selection criteria mostly applied by the organization? What types of policies and principles are employed for the purpose of employee recruitment? What are the major factors or problems that affect the organizational recruitment and selection process? What are the organizational conditions that influence employee advertisement and attracting applicants for the job? How does external recruitment affect the senior employees?1.4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1.4.1. General objectiveThe generally objective of this study is to assess the impact of employee recruitment and selection practices on organizational performance, the case of GPE.

1.4.2 Specific objectives The specific objectives that the researcher wants to addressee:- To assess the policies and principles of (GPE) currently applied on employee recruitment and selection.

To identify problems related to employee recruitment and selection in the Enterprise. To assess the GPE’S performance, that affects recruitment and selection of new employees. To assess major employee selection criteria currently applied in the Enterprise. To identify and recommend possible solution for the Enterpri 1.5 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Under this subtopic the researcher wants to analyze the importance of the research.

Accordingly up on completion of this research, GPE will get the necessary input from the findings of the study to make corrective action on its human resource planning and recruitment and selection activities. It also helps to contribute clear value for researchers who under take studies on similar research areas. 1.6 SCOPE OF THE STUDYAs it is difficult to cover all to conduct this particular research, the study will be confined to Gonder printing enterprise of kebela 17 branches (head office). 1.7 LIMITAION OF THE STUDYSome limitations are expected to be faced in conducting the study.

Some of these limitations are:- Getting available data might be much more difficult that was not fully satisfied the researcher. Time for collecting information was limited and budget and finance for providing it in paper required a lot of money. Some of the respondents were not willing to fill out the questionnaire.

1.8 ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDYThe study will divided into five chapters. The first chapter dealt about the background of the study, background of the organization, statement of problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study and limitation of the study. Second chapter deals related literature review in the study area .The third chapter dealt about research methodology study. The fourth chapter will contain data analysis and interpretation. Finally The fifth chapter will consisted findings, conclusions and recommendation of the study.

CHAPTER TWO 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 CONCEPTS AND DEFINITION TERMINOLOGYThe two most important aspects of staffing are human research planning. It is derived from organization needs of labor force. Therefore “recruitment defined organization needs of attracting application for the position needed.

” (Ivancevich 2 PP 104). Most experts maintain that recruitment and other recruitment effectiveness in turn affects the selection success. Therefore, recruitment and selection are the most important concepts and are inter dependents, which are not separated. “The process of staffing putting the right people in the place at the right time is one of the most critical tasks of any organization. Because the quality of the work performed is determined only by these capability of the people performing it so that recruitment is the process of finding qualified people and encouraging them for work to the firm and selection is the process of choosing among those who do apply Together those two facts of human resource management supply is the life blood to the organization” (Ivancevich, 1998.

pp214)If an organization fails to obtain applicants who are qualified for the job, it will face a problem in selection phase, likewise, if too few applicants vacancies apply, an organization may be unable to fill all of its. Recruitment and selection in any organization is a serious business as the success of any organization or efficiency in service delivery depends on the quality of its workforce who was recruited into the organization through recruitment and selection exercises (Ezeali and Esiagu, 2010). Since recruitment and selection involve getting the best applicant for a job (Obikeze ; Obi, 2004), it has been emphasized that recruitment procedures that provide a large pool of qualified applicants, paired with a reliable and valid selection regime, will have a substantial influence over the quality and type of skills new employees possess (Okoh, 2005). For Mullins (1999) the important thing is for some suitable plan to be used, complying with all legal requirements relating to employment and equal opportunities, to follow recommended codes of practice and to ensure justice and fair treatment for all applicants.2.1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL RECRUITMENT PROCESS “Ideally the recruitment should ensure that for every position available in the firm, there a sufficient number of qualified applicants. These applicants should include both sex and various social groups.

Such as minorities and disable groups. Especially for those larger organizations, recruitment is complex and continuing processes that demand extensive planning and effort”. (Mitiku, Bekele 2005). 2.1.2 SOURCE OF RECRUITMENTObviously the objective of the firm is to call the qualified candidates and to apply for work. In order to realize these objective, the firm have two sources of recruitment thus are internal and external sources of recruitment.

2.1.3 RECRUITMENT FROM OUTSIDE THE ORGANIZATION Finding qualified applicants from outside the organization is the most difficult part of recruitment. The organization success of getting and demanding the specialized skills depends on the effectiveness of the organization’s recruitment program. The common methods for external recruitments are:- i. Internet and E-mail:- the internet provides the advantage of speed to employers and applicants like. A job can be posted one day and resumes may begin arriving over night by e-mail or fax.

ii. Advertising: -has the advantage of reaching relatively a large number of potential applicants.iii. Placement Agencies:- educational institutions ranging from high schools to universities usually have placement offices to assist their graduates in the finding workiv. Field recruitment: – companies interesting in recruiting new graduates of colleges generally do more than simply contact school placement offices. The company may also run notice in the student newspaper and other locates publications that students are likely to read. This sending of recruiters out into the environment is called field recruiting.

v. Walk- INS and unsolicited applicants file:- the most common and the least expensive approach for candidate is direct applications where job seekers submit unsolicited materials (e.g. Resume) or simply show up in person seeking

Referrals:- employees referrals of candidate from Outside the organization have been valuable source of applicants for many organization2.1.4 RECRUITMENT WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION.For position above the entry level, the best source of recruitment is from the organization itself. There are different methods used in internal recruitment are:- 1. Job posting: – it involves all announcing of job opening to all currently existing employees, bulletin board notice or printed bulletin can be used for this purposes.

Some firms have developed computerized job posting system plat employees can obtain in for motion on their computer screen. In some companies the personnel offices publishes monthly news paper that list the position available.2. Employee referrals; – another way of finding application on within the organization is through employee referrals by people in other departments. Informal communication among mangers can lead to the discovery that best candidate for a job in already working in different section of the firm.3.

Skill inventory: – many firms have developed computerized sills inventory of their employees. Information about employee’s skill, educational back ground, work history and other important factors are stored in data base, which can then use to identify employees wish in the attributes needed for particular job. Wendell L. French (2007)


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