Salient without hindrance by SAW process, resulting in

Salient Features of LSAW

? Capacity to produce pipes with very close Diameter Thickness ratio
? Ultrasonic Testing ensure internal soundness of steel plates used for producing pipes
? LSAW Mill is equipped with 56000 KN JCO presses, having capacity to form pipes of 65mm thickness.
? Cold Expander (13m) to ensure tight and uniform control on pipes dimension

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? The manufacturing process used for HSAW pipes consists of two steps
? Pipe forming combined with continuous tack welding
? The two step technology offers both quality and economic benefits
? High pie forming speed by continuous Tack Welding
? Emphasis on pipe geometry on pipe forming machine without hindrance by SAW process, resulting in tightest tolerance even without cold expansion with respect to:
? Straightness
? Roundness
? Accuracy of diameter


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