SAMPLE put inside it. I. First Main

SAMPLE INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINETopic: MicrowavePurpose: To inform my audience about how dangerous the missuses of a microwave could be and how to use it properly.INTRODUCTIONAttention Getter: microwave is a frequently used kitchen appliance. However, the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) concluded in the time period of 2009 to 2013, most of the accidents regarding fire are caused by cooking.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the accidents took 430 victims and approximately $1 billion property damages annually. Thesis Statement: the misused of microwave is extremely dangerous. Therefore, I will discuss about what is the function of microwaves and the things that we shouldn’t put inside it.I. First Main Point: Microwave functions II. Second Main Point: things that we should avoid to put inside the microwavePaper bag, paper is one of the most common flammable material that we can found in our daily life and it is widely used too. For instances, a lot fastfoods packaging uses it. Dry sponge, dry sponge is one of a place where a lot of bacteria can be found.

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However, some people have the idea that by heating the sponge with microwave could actually sterilize it while this action may cause spark of fire.Metal container, we be considered that any material that made of metal can easily catch fire and it could damage the microwave as well.Eggs, a lot of people might be thinking to make a hard-boiled egg by using microwave, but it will only cause it to explode because the steam inside the eggshell creates a high pressure that can’t be released from it.Aluminum foil, majority of people are found guilty of putting aluminum foil as a cover inside microwave. As the point above has mention that we should avoid any metal material when we wish to use microwave.Styrofoam, it is made from plastic which does not resist to the high temperature inside the microwave.Grapes, they will explode inside the microwave and could catch fire.Plastic container, any food container that made of plastic is not recommended to enter the microwave unless they have a ‘microwave safe’ label, because plastic will melt inside the microwave which can damage the microwave.Hot peppers, they can catch fire and the heat inside microwave could release the chemical substances that pepper contain which can burn our eyes.


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