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SAN ANDREAS”Prevention is better than cure,” this quote is very applicable to the movie, San Andreas. This is an interesting and good movie.

It serves as a wakeup call for everyone to be prepared in every single day because we didn’t know what will happen to us. There was a mind blowing experience while watching this film because I felt like it is very realistic and I know that it is not impossible to happen now a day. The movie catches my attention easily because of its visual effects, the transition of the scenes and the sound effects. There is also a new view on how the destruction and earthquake occur. In this movie, I realized a lot of things and it taught me a lot.San Andreas is an educational movie because we can get some useful tips on how to survive when disasters or calamities occurs. It also helps us to learn the advantages of being equipped especially on the times of tragedy. In the movie, they try to predict the exact time, date and place of a certain earthquake and I’m surprised and amazed at the same time because they make it possible.

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Emma had gone through many struggles just to save her daughter and I admire the character of Blake because even though their life is in danger, she is not hesitated to help the old man and his wife to escape in the hotel. The exciting part is when Dwayne tries to save his wife and daughter with the use of his helicopter and I find it challenging. This movie never failed to entertain and give me goose bumps. I learned that we have to know how to secure or save our self and the lives of other. This movie reminds us that it is better to prepare for the worst scenario because whether we like it or not, earthquake can happen every time.If I were to put myself in the situation they were in, I might have a very low chance of surviving the disaster because I am not as brave as they are. I wouldn’t want to experience the type of catastrophe shown in the movie.

The least thing I can do is to be prepared because I know we can’t predict or stop natural disasters and pray to God the He won’t let it happen to us, mankind and I think it is the main point of the movie. The movie reminds us that we should help people if they need it, survive and use our brains in every split second, because when you panic, you seem to forget to watch out for your loved ones.


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