Sars has been since 2004. Scientist haven’t found

Sars or severe acute respiratory syndrome is a viral respiratory illness. Sars was first reported in Asia in 2003. Sars was spread to nearly two dozen countries in America. It is contained and has been since 2004.

Scientist haven’t found any cases around the world since 2004. World health organization is still trying to find a case of sars till this day. Sars is more like a serious case of pneumonia. When you get sars you will have a lot of trouble with breathing. Sars is part of the virus family that has the common cold in it.

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They think that the sars outbreak was caused by small mammals. You can spread this virus by coughing or sneezing, you can also catch it by touching these particles or breathing them in. Sars most of the time a lot of the symptoms come in two to ten days. Everyone that has the symptoms are contagious.

Scientist do not know how long it takes before you are not contagious. SymptomsThe main symptoms conclude of coughing, difficulty breathing, fever reaching higher than 104 degrees. The most common symptoms involve chills and random shaking, fever about 2 days after being infected with sars, fever, headaches, and even muscle aches. Less known symptoms conclude of phlegm, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, runny nose, and even sore throat. It can cause heart and liver failure.Exams and testsSome of these tests can include, tests about blood clotting, chemistry tests, x-ray of the chest region, not all test can identify sars so easily during the first week of having the virus.

TreatmentIf there even is a speculation that you have sars they advise going to the hospital where you will be isolated. Doctors will give you antibiotics that help with pneumonia. Even though they cant prove they help with sars they advise taking antiviral medicine. They will give you high doses of steroids to reduce the swelling in your lungs. Doctors will put you on breathing machines to help you breathe.

PreventionCleaning your hands can prevent sars and other various viruses. You can go around wearing disposable gloves, throw your gloves away once you take them off then wash your hands again. If you are in the same room as a person infected with sars make sure you wear a surgical mask. After being around someone that is affected you should go home and wash all your personal items especially clothes.

Try not to come in close contact with anyone who has sars.


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