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saved date: 22 December 2017 11:56:08 1    My interest in primary education arose after a surprisingly incredible work experience at a2    local school 2 years ago, through witnessing a child comprehend a new concept and broaden3    their perspective is incomparably rewarding and since then I have became adamant in my4    aspiration to become involved with a career which allows me to play a fundamental role in5    children developing and fulfilling their potential. I believe that it is an indispensable6    experience for young people to interact with a teacher who intends to support their needs and7    up keep their well-being whilst continuously striving to make a positive difference to their8    lives as they progress through education9    I believe I have a talent for working with children, furthermore I believe that playing an10    active role in aiding young people to develop and adapting the curriculum to their strengths11    and weaknesses is vital for a primary teacher and I trust that I obtain these qualities.12    Over the past year I have been very active in extracurricular activities offered by my school.

13    As part of the school’s mental health and health and wellbeing groups I have proved to be14    committed to maintaining the welfare of all pupils. This involved conducting questionnaires to15    pupils and parents regarding all aspects of their health then working closely with GIRFEC16    guidelines and Breathing Space Scotland to support pupils as well as staff with an array of17    self-help coping methods and a self-referral system to make private contact with outside18    sources including CAMHS and NHS 24. I am passionate about the vital role mental health should19    have within education and I believe that improving its links within our school has been20    greatly beneficial to pupils.21    I have also taken on the responsibility of becoming an ambassador of rights respecting schools22    where I work hard to develop pupil’s acceptance of difference and diversity and have worked to23    raise awareness of children’s rights. I experienced teaching all year groups as well as our24    special learning centre pupils whilst becoming senior pupil heartstart facilitator, as part of25    my training I developed their first aid and emergency lifesaving skills.26    Also, this year I have been trusted with the role of senior prefect which has involved me27    being given the opportunity to stand responsible and involve myself in organisation activities28    thought the school such as Christmas fayres and parent’s and mental health information29    evenings which I think have given me a deeper understanding of the level of dedication and30    leadership necessary behind the scenes of everyday school life.31    Along with this I have found time to enrol in the saltire and the caritas awards which32    encourage me to become an active member of my community; volunteering in local parishes, food33    kitchens and in our special learning centre and engaging with a multitude of different34    individuals, I am pleased to be involved in these as it has further perpetuated my belief that35    education is considerably more than just what happens in the classroom.36    Through a voluntary work placement at a primary school I have found the varied daily37    interactions have only deepened my enthusiasm, through aiding in maths lessons and38    subsequently experiencing the different multi-media methods used to best communicate new39    concepts and suit different learners is engrossing and has greatly benefited me by making me40    more aware of the different aspects to a child’s learning and allowed me to exhibit my41    leadership skills in a creative teaching environment.42    I strongly believe it is worthwhile outlet for my natural compassion and commitment to43    learning, I am self- assured of my capability and I strive to be accomplished in catering to44    every pupil and their needs so that by the end of their primary experience they are45    individuals who have experienced the education system in an appealing and child-centred46    approach as well as being fully equipped with skills to continue successfully in their47    academic future

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