Scenario of conduct is a legal requirement,

Scenario 2 All nursing standards provide a guide to the knowledge, advocate and judgement that are needed to practice safely. person should be handled with dignity because person involves in their own care and person know about himself better than anyone (Rumbold 1999) .In this scenario nurse (Kerry) ,new graduate nurse and nursing supervisor breached some code of conduct, code of ethics and standards of practice. Nurses should meet the professional standards in order to practice in Australia(NMBA). Nurses practice is based on person center care, they responsible for person’s health and well being and also responsible to provide safe and quality nursing care.

But here in the scenario nurses are responsible for bullying ,negligence ,racism and physical and verbal abuse .They are failure to do duty of care toward residence. Code of conduct is a legal requirement, professional behaviour and conduct expectation for all nurses(NMBA).There are some specific standards code which all nurses should follow in their daily practice. Nurses have many responsibility towards people who are in their care and also they have to abide by the code. Nurses have a duty of care towards people to do their work safely and effectively. Nurse (Kerry) breached the code person centred practice she should be responsible to provide safe person centred but she was opposite abuse residence physically verbally and mentally She also breached cultural practice and respectful relationship code of conduct, she didn’t respect Mr/s Thorpe’s cultural and diversity. She failed to maintain safe and professional relationship.

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She failed to represent professional behaviour honestly and respectfully. There are some code developed for nursing profession to respect, promote and protect the rights of nurses and people under their care(NMBA).Nurses breached some of these code of ethics. Nurses value quality care to all people they are responsible to provide best care to person in their care according to code of ethics. nurses value respect and kindness for self and others, they should preserve person’s dignity and need to be kind while providing nursing care .Nurses value diversity of people they should develop cultural knowledge and understanding of language so nurses can effectively communicate with person in their care. Nurses value a culture of safety in health care ,nurses play key role in person care they monitor, evaluate, and prevent the risk issues for the person in their care(NMBApg1-6) . Standards of practice person centred care and evidence based with preventative , curative , supportive , restorative and palliative elements.

(NMBA) Page Break These standards are engages in therapeutic and professional relationship ,communicates effectively and is respectful of a person’s dignity ,culture, values, beliefs and rights, culture of safety that based on person centered care. Should reports notiable anything related to person , co-workers,and others. Provide safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice(NMBA 1june 2016).

this is nurses responsibility to follow all nursing standard in their practice. In this senario it’s new nurse ‘s duty of care to take action immediately when she saw the incident for the safety ,dignity, respect and wellbeing of the resident when other nurse was bullying her verbally, physically and emotionally. She should documented the incident for evidence because charge nurse didn’t do her duty of care and didn’t take appropriate action toward nurse(kerry) to stop bullying residence. manager should talk to new nurse in detail about the incident and should take appropriate action toward nurse kerry . Also organisation should take strict action and give her a notice that if she breach nursing practice standard again she may be loose her job next time. also facility should arranged an interpreter so they can communicate with resident that how nurse kerry bullied and swearing mrs thorpe so they can collect evidence.

Facility should arrange a learning based confress which they should explain all staff members about legal compliance and standards of practice


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