Scholarship be said that a scholarship athlete has

Scholarship athletes get exposure to pursue their pro career that will get them all endorsements and contracts. Therefore, it can be said that a scholarship athlete has an advantage over other students. “What would happen to the college culture what would happen to the branding of the intercollegiate athletics that millions of fans have come to love” (Zimbalist). One big problem in paying college athletes is paying athletes that play a sport that don’t make any money for the university or paying everyone the same amount even though some athletes produce more than others. it would simply not be fair if all programs and athletes were not paid.

If the NCAA started to give athletes a salary they would not value an education anymore (Mueller). Another problem would be that athletes would make their decision by how much money they would make and not by how the level of education or major, things that a student should consider first. Its argued if athletes should make as money as they do for just playing a game. so why would it not be an issue to pay athletes who are supposed to amateurs getting a free education? If student athletes were paid for, they would become “eligible” for worker’s benefits (Mueller).

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Paying athletes would start to create employment type relationship with universities and that would give them the ability to create unions (Mueller).


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