School Captain/leader speech Good afternoon teachers, students,

School Captain/leader speech

Good afternoon teachers, students, parents and others in attendance. My name is Charli Northridge and I am running for school captain or leader in 2019.

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I have attended Coledale Public school since 2013 and have been actively involved in many school programs. For example choir, the young leaders program and SRC. In all of these programs I have had to work cooperatively in a team to achieve common goals. And I feel that this quality will stand me in good stead for being a member of our school leadership team in 2019.

I believe the role of a school captain or leader is more than making unrealistic promises like having a longer lunch time or a badge , but rather being a good leader who is approachable by my peers.

I feel I can be a positive leader and an excellent role model to all of my peers. I will listen to any suggestions or ideas made by fellow students. I will offer my assistance to Mrs. Potter ,the teachers and office staff as I am responsible and helpful.

All students will be able to approach me at any time and I will always try my hardest to give my assistance and put a smile on their dial.

I would like to thank everyone for listening to me . Please vote number 1 for Charli as your school captain or leader for 2019!


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