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School/ Department Name School of Engineering – Department of Civil EngineeringProgram Code and Title: BECS16 – Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)Course Code and Title: 16SCVE420 / 151CVE420 / ENEC14015: Traffic EngineeringAssessment Number and Title: Assessment Type: Laboratory Technical ReportAssessment Location: ACK – Building 4 – T28Assessment Date: Assessment Time/Duration: Student Name: Hanaa SuwaidanStudent ID: 1210330Section (s): G4C1 / G4C2Assessment General Instructions:Use the template provided on Moodle. Follow the formatting and page divisions as they are and include all parts.Ensure that any external references are cited as per the Harvard referencing standard.Plagiarism is not tolerated.

Your reports will be screened using the Turnitin plugin on myLMS. Students accused of plagiarism and will receive a grade of zero – no exceptions!DO NOT WRITE IN THE AREA BELOW Question Number Maximum Marks Student Marks1 25 Total Mark 25 Assessor Feedback: Assessor Name: Eng. Abdulhadi Kazem Date: Assessor Signature: Eng. Abdulhadi Kazem Student Name: Date: Student Signature: School of EngineeringDepartment of Civil Engineering151CVE420 Traffic EngineeringExperiment # 1Space mean study5559421111400Hanaa Suwaidan1210330151CVE420_2018FAOctober 23.

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2018 MACROBUTTON TextFormField November 25, 2018 MACROBUTTON TextFormField MACROBUTTON TextFormField Eng. Abdulhadi KazemContents TOC o “1-2” h z u I.OBJECTIVES PAGEREF _Toc496483379 h 6II.INTRODUCTION AND THEORY PAGEREF _Toc496483380 h 7III.APPARATUS PAGEREF _Toc496483381 h 8IV.METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDURE PAGEREF _Toc496483382 h 9V.


CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc496483387 h 14X.REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc496483388 h 15XI.DATA APPENDIX/ DATA WORKSHEET PAGEREF _Toc496483389 h 16List of Figures and Tables TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1 PAGEREF _Toc530932581 h 6OBJECTIVESThis experiment will include the space field study. The space field study will be done by using a License plate matching technique. INTRODUCTION AND THEORYThe space mean speed is used to find the average speed of vehicles crossing a certain section of the roadside.

The method that was used to conduct the space mean speed is License plate matching technique. This method is used to track the vehicles and find travel time data. This method finds the average speed of vehicles crossing a certain section of the roadside.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1APPARATUSNote to write the information Stop watch METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDUREThis technique requires two groups of observers.

Each of them will stand the beginning and the end of the test road section each recording the plate number of each car with the time at which the car arrives.Matching the plate numbers and recording the time arrival at the beginning and end for each licenses plate Finding the average traveling time on the test road section which is the difference between time arrival at the beginning and end for each licenses plateDATA AND CALCULATIONSFormulaTime mean speed = average speed=?vnSpace mean speed= d?tnV= speed of the vehicle Km/hrD= distance traveled n= number of observation t= travel time of vehicle Mode= most repeated numberMedian= number in the middle of our velocity numbersRange= Biggest number subtracted from smallest numberTime difference= Time out-Time in RESULTS AND GRAPHSOn Excel sheet SAMPLE OF CALCULATIONSMaximum velocity= 60 Km/hrMinimum velocity= 27.7 Km/hrn= Standard Deviation= : ? = (xi-x)2n-1=DISCUSSION133350059055CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSThe License plate matching technique is useful in the engineering life in understanding variability of travel destination and time amongst vehicle in the traffic stream. After doing a research I have found that the speed limits with residential areas is 45 km/h .

License plate matching technique was used to conduct average speed of vehicles crossing a certain section of the roadside. This was done by matching the vehicles License plate, recording the time arrival at the beginning and end for each licenses plate and finding travel time data.


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