The paper is designed to

The paper is designed to develop an automatic irrigation system which switches the pump motor ON/OFF on sensing the moisture content of the soil. In the field of agriculture, use of proper method of irrigation is important. The advantage of…

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ASSESSMENT Arsenite (NaAsO2) is an inorganic compound

ASSESSMENT OF GENOTOXICITY OF SODIUM ARSENITE IN CULTURED HUMAN LYMPHOCYTES Atreyee Borthakur,Anupam Dutta,Monica Bhati and V.G.Abilash School of Biosciences and Technology,Vellore Institute of Technology7620011303000ABSTRACTLong term exposure to arsenic due to groundwater contamination causes a great threat to human health conditions.Arsenic…

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Biotechnology source and transfer to common bacterial

Biotechnology is refered as a potential source ofcrop productivity improvement in the agriculture field. The other topics itcover in soil sciences is stabilization of soil, enhancement of N- fixation,bioremediation, biocontrol, and many other new microbial products for the soilimprovement.Soil science…

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1809235-1274805Republic 4724400-133350-19050-133350 INHIBITING CHARACTERISTICS OF IPIL-IPIL (LEUCAENA

1809235-1274805Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of EducationNational Capital RegionDivision of City SchoolsQuezon City00Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of EducationNational Capital RegionDivision of City SchoolsQuezon City4724400-133350-19050-133350INHIBITING CHARACTERISTICS OF IPIL-IPIL (LEUCAENA LEUCOCEPHALA) SEED EXTRACT ON TRICHOPHYTON MENTAGROPHYTE, ENTEROCOCCUS FAECALIS, PROTEUS VULGARIS, SHIGELLA, AND CLOSTRIDIUM…

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Introduction: (EDGAR S. Dunn, 01 May 1955)

Introduction: August Losch was German economist and he modified the christaller ‘s theory in 1954 . German geographer walter christaller developed own theory in 1933. Christaller’s theory base on goods and accumulation of profit was completely depend on transportation and…

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Assignment date: 5-11-2018 1. Introduction: Monoclonal antibodies are

AssignmentTopic: Production of Monoclonal Antibody using Hybridoma Technology.Course code: PHRM-407Course Title: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Section: 01.Submitted To:Najneen AhmedSenior LecturerDepartment of PharmacyEast West UniversitySubmitted By :Shanzida Hossain AnonnaId. 2016-1-70-069Submission date: 5-11-20181. Introduction:Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-produced molecules designed to serve as substitute antibodies that can restore, improve or mimic the immune system’s attack on cancer…

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