Scientology of classes and teachings (called ‘auditing’)

 Scientology was first founded by a man named L.

RonaldHubbard in 1954.  Ronald Hubbard had kepthis leadership status through the Church of Scientology until later he passedaway in 1986.  Scientology is one of themost controversial movements of our time. Many view this religion as a group of people who form a cult.  Scientologists state their religion is insome ways ‘genuine’.  Many Scientologistsbelieve people are immortal alien beings they call ‘thetans’, who somehowforgot their true nature and are imprisoned on earth in human bodies.  They believe each ‘thetan’ has lived throughplenty of past lives, both which are on earth in our physical bodies and otherplanets.  Scientologists believe that by partakingin a series of classes and teachings (called ‘auditing’) they can finally then freethemselves of their human forms.

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  Andalso reclaim their true selves.  Scientologyhas a Sacred Scripture unlike the Bible or the Quran it includes all thewritings and recorded lectures of its founder, L.Ronald Hubbard.

  Hubbard continued to right books based on hisideas, which became used as basic texts for church members.  There are about 16 books written and used byscientologists.  They celebrate severalmajor holidays, one including the birthday of L. Ronald Hubbard which that sameday also marks the release of Dianetics (May9), one of the 16 writings used as basic teaching scriptures.  Another celebration is the anniversary of themaiden voyage of the Freewinds (June6) and what the ships representation had through the development of advancedspiritual levels of enlightenment in Scientology.  To celebrate these occasions, the Church ofScientology creates a massive ceremony which is global and is attended by almostthousands of parishioners.  The Church’sleadership educate the global congregation of the improvement of the religionof Scientology into society and the plans for it in the future.

  Scientology has a few major symbols in it’sreligion.  They have the ScientologyCross, which was created in 1954 and it has eight points that represents the 8parts/dynamics of life.  Another symbol isthe ARC Triangle and the A is for affinity, R is for reality, and C is forcommunication.  The S in the middlestands for Scientology.

  The rituals ofthe Church of Scientology can be split into four different categories: first,is a ritual performed for spiritual transformation: second, is collectiveceremonies called events, which includes Hubbard’s birthday: third, is therites of passage that includes weddings and funerals: and four, is those thatmimic Christian rituals, for example Sunday services.


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