SCOPE social, political and business activities. It is

SCOPE AND IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDYThis study covers the customer point of view cooperative bank in Madurai city. As the study, is an empirical study to identity the attitude of the customer towards the service offer by the banker. The study has been focused towards customers, who are the recipient of the services. As this study has been projected from the point of view of customers.

AREA OF THE STUDY The area chosen for the present study is Madurai city. It is well known for forming, non-forming, educations, social, political and business activities. It is also popularly known as “the temple city” and “the never sleeping city”.

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PERIOD OF THE STUDY The survey for collection of primary data was conducted from March to May 2018.METHODOLOGY: The data used for the study is both primary and secondary data. Primary data have been collected from the how many satisfied of on customer (respondents) through questionnaire and information conversations. Secondary data have been collected from websites, distributors, records, articles, and journals, magazines, and also from various books.METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION Data ware collected from the respondents (i.e. customers of cooperative banks ) through questionnaire and it consists of simple questions.

Totally there were 25 questions to visualize the factors behind the objectives.SAMPLING:The technique used for this study is simple random sampling. The sample size for the study is 100, the sample units are taken from the area of Madurai city.RESEARCH METHODOLOGYThis study deals with customer point of view to the service provide by the cooperative banks reference to madurai city responses of 120 customers of the cooperative banks were randomly selected for knowing the experience with bank. The data collect Name:


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