Secondary – XBox One – PS4 Procurement ?

Secondary Activities53

Firm’s Infrastructure

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? To keep the fifth activity of value chain Netflix maintains a good management.
? Netflix Inc needs the coperation of all the departments in its firm:-
– Because shipping out DVD’s and receiving in bulk.
– More focused on online business to bring traditional and new business method to increase the profit.
Human Resource Management

? Encourages employees to be more creative and remaining in good mood thus, Netflix Inc creates a peaceful environment such as;-
– The use of staff’s favourite film to name their room.
– “A happy worker does the work more efficiently” this is what Netflix believe.
Product and Technology Development

? Home Entertainment System and Internet videos are included in the business.
? Customers are allowed to download the movies.
? Netflix website and videos are easily accessible if TV cables or Intelligence TV.
? Large scale digital can be connected,video game consoles such as:-
– XBox One
– PS4
? Database are updated to release new movies.
? This allows them to build stronger relationship with studios and other TV stations.
? Buying powers will increase if they can get the authority to sell new movies.

Primary Activities

Inbound Logistics

? Various DVD’s must be stored to be distributed at needed time.
? Keeping the inventory at high level.

? The produce system of Netflix to keep the DVD’s in ample stock and in high quality.
? Consumers satisfaction is guaranteed that the DVD’s are checked and repackage.
Outbound Logistics

? Customers order is reached on time.
? Partnership with USPS had made it easier for Netflix to deliver and receive DVD’s on shorter period of time.
? To save time Netflix have built many distribution centers in US to ship out the DVD’s and collection of return DVD’s.
? Customers feel that they are cared much more than their business.
Marketing and Sales

? Netflix has its website created in a smarter for customers service.
? Customers are allowed to see the similar DVD’s for another time if they are interested in the one they bought before.
? Ad’s of Netflix movies are advertised in Social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
? Customers feel that they are cared much more than their business.

? New customers can enjoy the first month trial for free
? If it does not bring satisfaction to the customer , they are refundable and cancel the service.
? Customer can search new videos conveniently through the systems they have created.


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