Secondly, people who might attempt suicide usually show

  Secondly, people who might attempt suicide usually show the signs to their friends or family and the research showed that there are various signs of suicide behaviors that can be shown obviously if the person might attempt suicide ( “Recognising suicide warning signs”, n.d.). Normally, patients are always talking or thinking about death, losing interest in things they used to enjoy, making a will to their friends or family. Physical signs are also can be seen in many cases, for instance, weight loss or weight gain, abnormal sleeping habits,  losing the interest in personal hygienic or appearance. The majority of people who attempt suicide are adolescent, young adult, and elderly.

( “Recognizing Suicidal Behavior”, n.d. ). The reasons behind every group of people who are most likely to attempt suicide are usually different. For example, teenagers who commit suicide, the most common reason is being bullied at school, the reason that most senior people who attempt suicide are the feeling of isolation. In today’s society, some people have to handle too much pressure and high competition from their jobs or even social media, which can cause people to have a mental health disorder and it might lead people to have suicidal thoughts.

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   Finally, to prevent committing suicide, patients can reach out to the professional psychiatrist or talk with someone who understands them. According to Firestone (2013) noted that the people around the patients should take their signs of suicide very seriously because some people who are trying to attempt suicide most of them are usually waiting for someone to ask them and they might stop the thought of taking their own life. The best way to help people with the suicidal thoughts is to ask them if they need help or directly ask them if they are thinking about suicide or even ask them if they need someone to talk to, by that, it would help the patient feel like they are not alone and there is someone who actually cares about their well-being. “When you suspect someone is in trouble, you can offer them support and assistance getting help” ( Firestone, 2013 ).

The research suggested that, do not leave the patient who is very in worried alone, due to they might not control the urge of taking their own life. Besides, do not agree on keeping their conditions as a secret because it needs more than one person to take care of their conditions. Instead, the person who is trying to help the patient should ask them for the promise to not committing suicide to preventing their suicidal thoughts ( “Preventing Suicide”, n.d.

).   To sum up, the influences the act of suicide are caused by so many factors and because of that it usually leads people to have the mental health illness and having a suicidal thoughts and starting to show the signs to the people around them, but most of the people might think that suicide is something they cannot do anything to help the patients, in fact, every people can help the patient prevent the urge of taking their own life by taking good care of them and ask them how they are doing. In addition, People should be aware of every mental illness patients, not only because they are ill, but the patient usually feel like they have been left alone, and mean nothing to anyone and that is usually caused the urge of suicide.


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