SECTION Visit: The Subway that we visited is

SECTION 1 – SITE VISITDescription of Site Visit:The Subway that we visited is located at 205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, inside Humber College in the Food Court. We visited the restaurant on Thursday, November 08, 2018 at approximately 12:40 pm. We both ordered different meals; Daneil ordered Chicken Caesar (sliced teriyaki chicken, caesar sauce, sliced provolone (or cheese of your choice, grated parmesan cheese, choice of veggies and bread) and Fatima ordered Veggie Delite (double portion of fresh veggies wrapped in a flavorful spinach, wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, cucumbers, and red onions). Overall our experience was predicted.

The waiting line was quit long, and crowd was very noisy, however we expected the long lines before as it was lunch time and there are many restaurants in one place, so noises are obvious, but we were patient enough to wait and took some pictures of the environment. The most wonderful thing we have experienced that day was to see how clean the food court was and how we were treated with compassion from the workers in Subway. SECTION 02 – COMPANY BACKGROUNDCompany Profile:Positioning:The target market of Subway would beGeographic Characteristics:Busy places where there are dense or high populations, like colleges and universities, downtown, rural and suburban areas and on routes.

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Currently subway is the largest food chain all over the world with more than 33000 restaurants making it the “Fastest Growing Franchise” in the world. Demographic Characteristics Majority of their customers are in between 18 -39 age group, although people of all ages and background enjoy the delicious and healthy sandwiches. Most of their customers are either students or employees.Subway also targets kids through their kid’s meal.Psychographic Characteristic:Subway target’s people who practise healthy life style, by providing them fresh and healthy food with a vast variety menu (chicken, beef, turkey, bacon and vegetables) to choose from.

Subway also targets individuals who are on budget (students) by providing a proper nutritious meal in a budget. Behaviouristic Characteristics:People who wants to grab a quick fresh healthy meal, that is fulfilling and pocket friendly. They also offer sub of the day deal in which they offer different 6-inch sub each day with some discount on it. Unfortunately, Subway don’t offer delivery at most places, but you can place an order online and pick it up in store, to avoid hassle of waiting in line. Based on the service we received and the high amount of choices available we think that the position which we chose for Subway is a good area to represent the franchise. We were treated with courtesy while placing the order, the service representative continuously asked us for our preference on each step, from selecting bread till choosing vegetables. In terms of the choice, they had a large variety of breads to select from, also as we ordered vegetable and chicken sub, so they had pre cooked chicken (which was refrigerated and tasted fresh) and all freshly sliced vegetables available for both subs and they gave us choice to select as many vegetables as we want.

The “positioning” in our positioning map fits with our business profile target market because of its high service and wide variety of options. Besides waiting time that was because of rush hour, the service was fairly quick, once we placed our order, they made it right in front of us so we didn’t have to wait for it. So being in the colleges and in the downtown area or on routes, where people are usually in hurry, the speed is something that would be very important as people are always on the go. One more essential element was, they had pre cooked meat as it takes time in fridge, but nothing was assembled before, they prepared everything in front of us, so it was very fresh.

The service provided, and the variety of options is just a good feature in general, students and everyone from all sorts of characteristics would be satisfied with the amount of options they can choose from and be satisfied with the service.SECTION 03 – SERVICE ANALYSIS


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