Section they work. Shift Hours Breaks Granted 4

Section 4 – Company Payment and Break Policy4.1 Payroll InformationPayday will occur every other Thursday. Employees may pick up their paychecks anytime after noon every other Thursday. Employees who receive their paychecks through auto-deposit will see their paychecks deposited at noon, every other Thursday. Employees are recommended to look over their paychecks to make sure everything is correct.

Employees who believe a mistake occurred with their paycheck should discuss this mistake with a supervisor. It is the employee’s responsibility to update their personal information. 4.2 Breaks/Meal ReportPhast Pharm employees will be granted a break and lunch break depending on the shift hours they work. Shift Hours Breaks Granted 4 hour shift 15-minute break 6 hour shift 15-minute break ; 30-minute lunch break 8 hour shift 30-minute break ; 30-minute lunch breakEmployees working 8-hour shifts may break up their 30-minute break into two 15-minute breaks. Lunch breaks may not be broken up into two different breaks, it is one 30-minute break. An employee can utilize these breaks one hour after shift starts until one hour before shift ends.

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The employee must communicate with the supervisor before taking their breaks. 4.3 Overtime payEmployees will receive overtime pay based on the Fair Labor Standards Act and state regulations. As stated in the Fair Labor Standards Act, exempt employees will not be able to receive overtime pay. Non-exempt employees will be entitled to overtime pay and can receive time ; a half for their overworked hours. Overtime pay will be given to employees who exceed 40-hour workweeks. Employees who work 40-hour weeks are generally classified as full time employees.

Employees who work less than 40 hours a week are generally classified as part-time employees. Full-time employees will be eligible to receive overtime pay whereas part-time employees will not. If the employee has any questions in regards to overtime pay, please talk with the supervisor or human resource manager. Section 5 – Leave5.1 Family and Medical Leave ActAn employee may request off for a situation that is considered under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employee eligibility:The employee has worked at Phast Pharm for 12 monthsThe employee has worked 1250 hours in the past 12 months (Federal requirement)The employee has worked 1000 hours in the past 52 weeks (Wisconsin requirement)Under this act, an employee can get 12 weeks off of unpaid leave per year for the following reasons:Birth of a child or adoption of a childSerious health condition of immediate family member (spouse, parent, child)Child has to be under 18 for this act to apply to them or has to be a child that cannot take care of themselvesEmployee’s own serious health conditionFor these reasons an employee can receive up to 12 weeks off of unpaid leave per year according to Federal requirements.Wisconsin requirements:An employee can receive up to 2 weeks off for their own serious health conditionAn employee can receive up to 2 weeks off for the serious health condition of an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child)An employee can receive up to 6 weeks for birth or adoption of a child An employee may be asked to provide medical proof of conditions. If the employee knows they are going to be utilizing FMLA, it is preferred they submit the form 15 days prior to the start of their leave. If the employee needs to take leave right away, the employee should submit their FMLA form to their supervisor as soon as possible. Employees will not loss any benefits they received up to the date they start their leave.

If the employee wants to maintain benefits during their leave, they need to discuss with their supervisor a payment plan. 5.2 Sick LeavePhast Pharm guarantees designated sick days for employees if they have worked at Phast Pharm for one year or more.

Number of days Years Worked 5 days 1-2 years 7 days 2-4 years 9 days 4-6 years 15 days 6+ yearsEmployees must provide as much notification to their supervisor as possible when utilizing sick days. Sick days must used within a calendar year. They cannot rollover to the next calendar year. Abuse of this policy may result in disciplinary action. 5.3 HolidaysThere are 8 holidays that are acknowledged by Phast Pharm: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

An employee at Phast Pharm is eligible for holiday pay after 90 days of employment.5.4 Time offTime off should be requested by submitting a “time-off” slip to your supervisor. To be granted the time-off request, submission of the slip 2 weeks before the request is preferred. Some requests may be denied based on the company’s resources. Time off will be granted based on the seniority of the individual at the company. Employees may use paid time off for sickness, vacation, and personal time off of work. The following chart determines paid time off: Days on the Job Hours Off 60 days 40 hours 1 year 80 hours 2-4 years 120 hours 5-9 years 160 hours 10+ years 180 hours Employees are encouraged to use their time-off hours within a calendar years but are allowed to rollover up to 80 hours of time-off hours to the next calendar year.

5.5 Jury DutyPhast Pharm understands that employees may have to serve jury duty at some point throughout their work service. Employees will be paid half of their salary for the time that they are on jury duty. Employees must provide proof to their supervisor that they are on jury duty for the dates they selected off. 5.6 VotingVoting is an important right in the United States.

Phast Pharm recognizes the importance of voting and grants time off to cast ballots. Time off will be granted based on seniority at the company. If an employee has the opportunity to vote while off shift they should utilize that option. Phast Pharm will work with every employee to help him or her to get the opportunity to vote, but it is also the employee’s responsibility.5.7 Military LeavePhast Pharm understands the importance of serving for our country. If an employee gets called to active duty, they must provide proof to Human Resource and a leave of absence will be granted to the individual. Once they return back from duty, they will be put back into the normal schedule rotation.

Phast Pharm takes serving for our country very seriously and will work with the employee to the best of our ability. Phast Pharm thanks employees serving for our country. Section 6 – Benefits6.

1 InsuranceLife insurance, dental insurance, and medical insurance will be provided to full-time employees. Employees will be able to receive insurance through Phast Pharm and will pay a premium associated with the insurance. 6.2 Long-term/Short-term disabilityAn employee who is injured on the job and put on disability will receive benefits from Phast Pharm. Employees will have to provide proof from the doctor that they are being placed on disability. Phast Pharm considers short-term disability as 3 to 6 months. Phast Pharm considers long-term disability as 6 months to 5 years.

Benefits will not be equal to the employee’s full salary. If the employee is placed on short-term disability, they will receive 85% income replacement and if the employee is placed on long-term disability they will receive 65% income replacement. If the employee has any questions regarding benefits and disability placement, they should schedule an appointment with human resources. 6.3 Employee Assistance Program ; Wellness ProgramPhast Pharm provides support programs for employees through the Employee Assistance Program.

This program can be used for work related issues or problems that happen outside of work. When an employee seeks help through this assistance program, it is strictly confidential and all services are provided at no cost. Generally the employee will have discussion with a medical professional, making the discussion confidential between the employee and medical professional, and the company will be billed for the consultation. Phast Pharm will be given a number associated with the bill, but will have no other personal information, keeping the meeting strictly confidential. Phast Pharm also provides wellness programs. These programs are put into place because we care about the health of our employees. Wellness programs may include: smoking cessation; nutritional focused, weight control; or holistic medicine. Employees are not required to use or participate in either the wellness program or employee assistance program.

6.4 401(K) PlanPhast Pharm wants all employees to be retirement ready. Phast Pharm offers a variety of investment options for employee’s 401(K) plans. Eligibility:Employees who are 21 and over are able to qualified to participate in 401(K) plans after one year of service and 1,000 hours of service or 1,000 hours in any calendar thereafter. Employees may contribute a percentage of their salary to their plans. This percentage has to follow IRS limits and rules. Company Contribution to 401(k) Plans:The Phast Pharm Company will match an employee’s contributions up to 4%. For an employee to receive this contribution from the employer, the employee must contribute 5% of their paycheck each pay period for the whole year.

The funds in this account are 100% the employees. 6.5 Travel and expense reimbursement An employee that is traveling for the company will be reimbursed for traveling and expenses associated with the trip. The employee will need to provide receipts of these expenses associated with the trip and human resources will provide a reimbursement check to the employee within a week of receiving all the receipts.

All receipts need to be handed in at the same time. If the employee provides receipts at a different occasion, it may not be counted towards the reimbursement check. If the employee has any questions regarding this process they may have a discussion with human resources.


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