SECTION stories of his fellow fruit pickers that

SECTION A:NAME: Samisoni Mafile’oORGANISATION: Lovely Imports and ExportsPOSITION WITHIN THE ORGANISATION: Owner/ManagerCONTACT DETAILS: EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (+676) 77 856761. Lovely Imports and Exports has been established since 2012 purposely to import vehicles from Japan and to exports local products to various overseas markets such as New Zealand, Australia and USA.

It was existed when the owner joined Seasonal Worker back in 2012, and listening to the stories of his fellow fruit pickers that they are working to provide vehicles for their families in Tonga. He decided to give it a try and to help his colleagues. At the end of their first financial year, it was successful. At the same time, the owner is a farmer as well, they planted yams, taro, kumara and cassava. He decided to start exporting their crops to overseas sector, to help his families improved their standard of living, and most importantly is to provide and satisfy needs and wants of his families. The main customers of my chosen organisation is to help those that participated in Seasonal Workers by importing their vehicles at the most affordable prices.

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Over time, they also helped their friends and families that need their help.2. Leader: This is where managers or owners provide leadership for their team or organisation. It is where managers/owners manage the performance and responsibilities of everyone in the organisation. The owner made sure that the engineer checked everything before selling out the vehicle. He also made sure that his workers performed their job well and providing their wages on time.

Liaison: Managers must communicate with internal and external contacts. Managers need to network effectively on behalf of the organisation. Mr Mafile’o effectively communicate with stakeholders such as importers from Japan to make sure that the vehicles they send, is accordingly to his customer’s preferences and less damage to these imported vehicles. At the same, he communicates to his customers in a friendly way and have meeting with them before importing their vehicles and also after, to make sure, it is their chosen vehicles.

Monitor: In this role, managers are regularly seeking out information related to their organisation and industry, and looking for a relevant changes in the environment. Managers also monitor their team, in terms of both their productivity, and well-being. Mr Mafile’o started with importing vehicles from Japan, before extending his business to export their crops to overseas sector. Late September 2016, he extended his business to rental cars. He also monitor his team to make sure that they are working effectively and responsible to their tasks.Entrepreneur: As a manager, he/she has to create and control change within the organization. This means solving problems, generating new ideas, and implementing them.

As Mr Mafile’o is the only owner and manager of the organisation, he is responsible for making decisions and controlling his own organisation. For example, he created ruffle to be held in December and awards gifts in term of money term. He also took his customers for a night shout out dinner.

Disseminator: Manager communicates potentially useful information to his staff. One of the important information that managers used to inform his staff is about their wages and salaries, especially when there is an increase to their minimum wages. As for New Zealand, by the 1st of April, 2018, minimum wages will increase to $16.50, this is the kind of information that employees need to hear. Mr Mafile’o used information like this, as if they meet their target sales for a quarter then there will be a bonus pay will be given to his employees.3. Technical Skills: These skills give manager’s knowledge and ability to use different techniques to achieve what they want to achieve. It is not related to machines, production tools or other equipment, but to increase sales they need to have these skills, able to design different products/services, and able to market their products/services being made.

40% of Mr Mafile’o’s skills were his technical skills. Where he abled to market out their products to customers, not only the seasonal workers but including his friends/families. At the same time, he can be able to negotiate with the importers to give a big discount to vehicles that he has been ordered from them.Conceptual Skills: It is the ability of managers for more abstract thinking. Meaning that he can sees the bigger picture of the organisation through analysis and diagnosis of different states. From there, they can be able to predict what is going to happen in the future.

The probability of Mr Mafile’o to use conceptual skills is 20%. According to his forecast about the future of his business, he only goes with the flow without further diagnosis of each issues and situations of the business.Human or interpersonal management skills: These skills talked about the ability of managers to work with other people. Without people, there is no need for any management to be existed in the operation of the business. These skills enable managers to become leaders and motivate employees to accomplish the business targets and missions. Mr Mafile’o is really good when working with other people and the probability for him to work well with others is 40%.

He works very well with his employees by spending lunch together, and sometimes he bought lunch for them. He also listened if anyone complaints and he will try to solve that problems as soon as possible.4. No. According to Lovely Imports and Exports, Mr Mafile’o is more of a technical person and love to socialize, have time for his employees and help them out when they face problems.

He is not a conceptual person, as he did not trust his own decisions. He had to ask around for advice and did not able to make his own solution about the future without the help of his wife.


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