Section referral bonus when new customers use

Section III: Management
Unicorn Baby should expand their presence in France through physical store outlets and using Amazon fulfillment centers.
Use more than one form of shipping through local carriers and offer options to French customers.
Continue to offer a referral bonus when new customers use their friend’s referral code.
Continue to keep product pricing at a premium to show that the product uses higher quality ingredients. As potential sales rise and materials can be bought in bigger quantities, the price will go down.
Entry Mode
The best entry mode that the company can use in France would be a partnership and strategic alliance. By gaining strong domestic partners within France they can add more stores and have a better physical presence. By using this entry mode Unicorn Baby can gain valuable local knowledge of the market and people. By partnering with a reputable partner, the people will be more willing to purchase their product. The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that they will have less direct control and potential partners goals may be different than Unicorn Baby’s. One way they can overcome these disadvantages it to invest in the training of a dedicated team responsible for managing the partnership and how to deal with it appropriately for the best outcome for all. Currently Unicorn Baby is sold in one brick and mortar store in Macon, France, the store is Infinies Nuances Co. Unicorn Baby can also utilize the huge online outlet Amazon. By using Amazon they can reach people all over France easily at the click of a button. For a monthly fee of $40, Unicorn Baby will have to have their product shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center and from there Amazon will be responsible for storage, packaging, shipping, payment and customer service. Unicorn Baby will still be responsible for taxes, tariffs and duties for international exportation. By using Amazon this will also act as a marketing tool and the product will be searchable not only on Amazon but through search engines such as Google.
By taking advantage of Amazon for online sales, this will give potential customs the ability purchase when they want from home and can have it on their door step in as little as 2 days. That is the advantage of Amazon having fulfillment centers worldwide, as they can ship quickly in other countries. Amazons nearest fulfillment center to France is in the United Kingdom. For the physical stores, there many options when it comes to exporting the product from the united states to France. Depending on the weight of the product being shipped, there are several shipping options from air to sea shipping. Services such as United States Postal Service, United Postal Service, FedEX and DHL have options for business to ship internationally. With use of ParcelMonkey, a site that lets you enter how much the product weighs, where it is coming from and where it is going. From there it gives you available carriers and the estimated price and how long it will take. This can take anywhere from 1 to 6 business days depending on weight.
The product should be continued to be priced at a premium to represent it high quality ingredients. Although leading brands will be lower in price, the quality needs to be emphasized. Overtime if sale begin to rise, the company may have the ability to lower the price to adjust to the local economy. Payment for purchases made through Amazon will be processed through them, and they will handle all conversions. For local stores the most common method of payment is debit or credit cards and they accept most major cards as well as local establishment cards. Another method of payment that is accept in France is PayPal and can be easily used online and in stores. For a marketing referral program, Unicorn Baby can continue to use their refer a friend promotion.

By using this program many new buyers can get product for free by using the $10 off or 8.78 Euros, which is a great value to get more product in the customers hands. By using social media such as FaceBook,, Twitter and YouTube the company can offer incentives for sharing of their product.
Using international shipping services can get the product overseas and into physical stores quickly.
Using Amazon as an outlet to sell product will take most of the burden off of the company and allow them to concentrate on sales.
Developing a partnership with reputable domestic partners can improve the image of Unicorn Baby and win the trust of local customers.
Pricing the product at a premium will convey the message that they product uses high quality material.
Continued use of the refer a friend program and promotion though major social media outlets will promote the product and allow for feedback.

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