Section women and girls. But the best way

Section 3We have seen many cases of violence to women. For example of home violence that is many women’s case. Also violence at the streets by men passing by. But can we normal people do something about it? Violence against women is produce because of gender discrimination, society, and stereotypes that foment this type of violence. So to prevent it we have to address it from the roots.One of the reasons of violence against women is because of gender discrimination and social norms. The best ways to prevent it is by addressing it causes. An effective way to prevent  gender violence is by making awareness through social media, tv, radio, and community mobilization(UN women, n.

d). In the 57th session of the commission of the status of women proposed to focus in gender equality and make home and public spaces more secure for women, improve women’s participation and autonomy in public life and politics(UN women, n.d). Also the world association of girl guides and girls scouts created an education curriculum called “voices against violence” that incentives youth to to prevent, and end violence against women(UN women, n.d).

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This is an example of normal people taking action and prevent violence to women.There are many ways to stop gender violence, that perjudicates women and girls. But the best way is working with men and boys. In Asia and the pacific exist a programme call “partner for prevention” that educates, provides knowledge, and technical support to prevent gender violence(UN women, n.d). Its goal is to reduce violence because of gender and change attitudes between men and women(UN women, n.d).

U.N women also supports programmes to protect, educate, make awareness, and political reforms; based on studies of attitudes, behavior of men related to ways of violence to women(UN women, n.d).

That’s where we can begin to prevent violence to women at home educating our children to be better persons.In conclusion we have seen women constantly suffering violence at home and streets harassment, so it’s time to stop it. We have many solutions to solve this problems and prevent gender violence. One is to promote campaigns and social awareness. Another and very effective is to work with men and boys, and teach them about equality.

So if we have a chance to stop gender violence we should take it and prevent gender violence.


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