Section (dd/mm/yyyy): 30/11/2017 Programme manager’s name: Louise Reasons

Section Write your answers for each section in this columnCreate an appropriate programme name: (Max. 2 lines) The facilitation of providing and supplying electricity to under privileged households across Southern Africa. Programme start date (dd/mm/yyyy): 09/01/2017Programme end date (dd/mm/yyyy): 30/11/2017Programme manager’s name: Louise Reasons for the programme’s existence, i.e. “business drivers” and other factors that brought about the need for this programme: (Max.

5 lines, not 5 points) • The LES group was born from a passion to help rural communities in South Africa gain access to the power-grid in addition to that: it enabled the LES group to break into the market segment and grow financially and be financially viable. Programme objectives i.e. what the whole programme is intended to achieve: (Max. 5 lines) • The scope of the programme is structured such that LES-P would install between 100 and 120 lowest-cost panel-powered units, in each of 25 communities within the agreed budget of R18,085,782.Time constraints: (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point) • Installation of units is dependent on the approval of the DTI’s new budget, after 1 March 2017• Time constrain between ordering from LES-T and receiving the assembled units is two months• Time is dependent on the logistical side, which ties back to the Transporting contractor.• The handover of all units to recipient households must be by Thursday, 30 November 2017Critical success factors i.

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e. factors that will contribute to the programme achieving its objectives: (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point) • Transporting contractor has the necessary resources to deliver promptly and effectively.• Ensuring that the communities that are being provided for are satisfied with the deliverable • That work being done is aligned to the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)• The process of the “Iron Triangle” (Time, Scope and Cost) are managed accordingly List of required resources to complete the programme (human and equipment): (Max.

4 points of 1 line per point) • Louise: project office manager• Teresa: Financial Managing Director • Julie: Factory Manager• Jake: CEO and Nozuko: Managing Director List of programme risks: (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point) • Unmentioned Insurance Cover for the solar panels and raw materials being used in the factory • External factors such as Taxi Strikes and weather conditions that might prevent workers coming in.• Scope creep and Snag list due unforeseen events which impacts the critical path • Risk of bad debts from the communities, this could pose as a financial risk to the company. Question 2Project scope and deliverablesPick any two of the four projects outlined in Louise’s programme WBS and, using the table below, briefly describe the project scope and deliverables for each project selected.

In the first column, write only the reference number of the project and not the project name. For example, for the “Communications” project, write just “2” in Column 1. The four project references can be found in the scenario under the heading “Programme’s work breakdown”. (Max.

4 lines per block) Do not change the font size or the row heights in the table.Project # Project scope Project deliverablesType the project number here:2 Start writing here: Communication an effective communication system that will be used throughout the programme, with clear lines of communications Project 2- Communication Start writing here:Ensuring that changes made to the programme are effectively dealt with, and any deviation made, still result in the purpose of the programme being achieved 3 Start writing here:Execution is the where the plan and work is completed, the result of this phase being successful will result in the delivery of the original goal (product) being handed overProject 3 – Execution Start writing here:Delivering the purpose behind the programme (supplying poor communities with electricity) Stakeholder role Stakeholder name(Max. 1 per role) Stakeholder’s contributions or influence(Max. 2 points per stakeholder) Stakeholder’s expectations or needs(Max. 2 points per stakeholder) Official medium of communication(Max. 1 per stakeholder) Communication schedule for primary medium(Max.

1 per stakeholder)Sponsor Teresa • Financial Managing Director• • Successful completion of the programme • Email Weekly Programme manager Louise • Manages the programme • Daily progression reports and involvement on each project • Email DailyDonor Bill’s Foundation • Bill’s funding rules out expenses such as: hardware and installation • Recipients should provide necessary documentation proving that the household income is (


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