Security help and protect our privacy because

Security of 5GAbstract Security is one of the most important aspects that we should all be taking into consideration, especially in terms of the secured network. As internet users, we all look forward to using a secured network that can help and protect our privacy because our privacy is our identity. Privacy does not only mean our data, but it could also be our bank accounts as well.Introduction5G network might not be familiar to lots of people because it is a new invention or development. Basically, it is a new face of technology that has undergone through multiple series of developments starting from 1G, 3G, 4G and now we are waiting for 5G. Lots of people may have an idea about these three previous generations because they have been using them in their everyday life via their mobile phones, which are called the smartphones and via their computers.

However, 5G is something more complex, flexible, and accurate than the previous generations because it has a better and faster performance. Performance is not the only aspect that is been considered, but there are also many other aspects that are being taken into consideration, such as enforcing security, flexibility whenever needed, elasticity, capability, and capacity. In addition, every feature, aspect, or tool that has been used in the previous generations are being modified and developed to the best, such as reprogramming the core networks, radio and non-radio networks, Satellite networks, mobile networks, aggregation networks, and software networks. Therefore, 5G is a radical revolution to all utilized elements in the previous generations. If we think that when these kinds of revolutions or adjustments have been accomplished, we would be able to get more and higher network bandwidth so that the network slicing would be cheaper than the previous generations. Besides, we would be able to get much better services in general.

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However, let’s not forget that 5G is a new invention, so it is a normal thing that it would be undergoing multiple challenges while working on developing these previously mentioned elements. Therefore, I would be discussing one of the problems or challenges that the developers are going through during their development progress. Plus, I would also be proposing the solutions that could address this challenge, which is the security challenge. Unfortunately, security is one of the main obstacles that 5G developers are going through. Therefore, this literature review will be mentioning some key elements that were helpful somehow, but they were also leading to serious security challenges. The first element that was proposed to hold the growing aspects of 5G is the (SDN), which is part of the cloud computing of the software-defined network. Before talking about the security issues that this element led to, I would like to mention some very good features of (SDN). Software-defined network is basically a very creative way of monitoring and shaping data traffic of several switches without playing or touching each individual’s switch.

It also can be a core director that directs switches to provide the needed network services. Therefore, (SDN) is a very smart invention that greatly facilitates and manage network traffic, but again, it can also open lots of vulnerable doors of security. Since (SDN) functions as a major core of data traffic, it is very likely to be undergoing multiple kinds of security attacks like Denial of Service attacks (DOS). The reason of facing these security attacks is because (SDN) controller is responsible for updating and modifying the flow of data, and these data can easily be notified and identified by others so that it can be easily attacked and hacked. Therefore, this would not only lead to the loss of data during its process of flowing, but it will also lead to the destruction of the whole network.

In terms of the second element that is considered to be a very significant feature of 5G operation process that is mainly used in mobile application networks, it also has some security vulnerable issues. This element is called Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


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