Sequence processes in the system. We present

Sequence diagram helps us understand the sequential flow of process in a system. This shows the sequence diagram to describe the workflow for the main functions or processes in the system. We present all sequence diagrams associated with each resource (entity) identified above.
The Figures shows the flow when a client needs to obtain a series of links to navigate to the resources created in the system. In every sequence the client will send an HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) request to the URI /resources. The dispatcher receives the request and extracts the URI and headers from the request and forwards it to the appropriate controller. The controller analyzes the URI and the request method, decides that it should call the needed resource and this will result in reading/writing to the data storage layer for the list of resources. The list reaches to the controller which requested the resource render to render the list in the type of content requested by the client. Finally, the response is sent back from the controller to the dispatcher which in turns generates the HTTP response for the client.


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