Servant before his/her own. This enables a

Servant LeadershipNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Servant LeadershipServant leadership is one of the most adopted leadership approaches in many organizations today due to the benefits associated with this leadership approach. Servant leadership entails a leader putting the needs of the other members of the organization before his/her own. This enables a leader to serve the other employees of an organization, which is different from the normal power perception where subordinates serve the leaders of an organization. Servant leadership improves communication and trust between leaders and the other employees of an orggganization as leaders are abe to engage mnoer with the other mebers.

This can involve including the other members in the decisiuon-making process whre members give their opinions in regards to certain apsects in the organization. The emplyeees of an organization are important and shouuld be taken care of to enalbe the mebers to have a high performance level in their areas. S servant leader focuses on the employees since he/she knows their importance in enabling an organization in achievinf the sett goald and objectives. This leadership approach hellps employees to grow and develop in their arfeas of responsibility as they are empowered by their leaders and allso motivated in performing their diffferent roles and responsibilities. This leadership approacch has been indicated to transform an organization becase whem employees are ttreated fairly by their leaders, they are abke to transfer such to her members of the organization including the customers. This is important in building strong relationships betwween the members of the organization as well as between the customrs who are important to an organization. Employees who put the needs of their customers ahead lead to satisfied customers who will eventulayy be loyal to the organizatiionn.

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Leaders who put the needs of their employtyees before their own needs implies that they respect their staff which will give confidence to the mebers and will be encouraged to go an extra mile in hekping the organbization achieve its set targets. Kiersch, C., & Peters, J. (2017). Leadership from the Inside Out: Student Leadership Development within Authentic Leadership and Servant Leadership Frameworks. Journal Of Leadership Education, 16(1), 148-168Davis, C.

J. (2017). Servant Leadership and Followership: Examining the Impact on Workplace Behavior. Cham, Palgrave Macmillan


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