Several or single, some respondents also reluctant to

Several limitations has been identified during the process of conducting this research and it is important for researchers to pinpoint it out as for an acknowledgement purpose to ensure that it further assist future studies.

The first limitations are the insufficient amount of study conducted in the property sector in the context of Malaysia. There are not much study conducted in the property sector and it is difficult for researchers to find sufficient products and journals as there are only few researches done in Malaysia. Therefore, lack of past studies does not provide sufficient knowledge and better findings. The second limitations to be pointed out was how accurate and how sincere the respondents in answering the questionnaire. Some questions such as monthly gross income were so sensitive to some people as they do not want anyone to know how much they earned a month. In this case, the answer provided may not be so accurate.

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Besides that, question like marital status also will not answer sincerely by the respondents as some will not know whether they are married or single, some respondents also reluctant to answer they were actually divorced. This is due to that they scared the communities may have a negative perception towards their status. The last limitation to be pointed out was the time and financial constraint in this research. The time period used to conduct this research is slightly short which only one long semester and one short semester. Therefore, researchers have a difficulty in accessing a wider area of respondents such as respondents and related documents which was useful for the study.

The limitation of time may unable to explore more issues that had been discussed by previous research; the results of this study will be more reliable


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