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Shakeerah WilliamsMrs.MabryEnglish 101-2130 April 2018College/University Students “I’m so ready to graduate and experience this college life”, most people have said before in their life.

College is a time where they have some type of independence. They could not wait to get out on their own to attend the fancy parties especially the “FRAT” parties. The late nights of drinking, studying, being with their boyfriend/girlfriend, and friends. Roaming around Colleges/Universities, you will notice there are different types of college students.

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These three kinds are the Early bird, the Average cool kid, and the Latecomer.The Early Bird sticks out as the teacher’s pet. They come in every day ‘Extremely’ early to make sure all their work are completed, neat and in an orderly fashion. You can never tell them they are wrong when it comes to answering questions. The Early Bird spends their school nights with a tight schedule for homework and learning new things that may capture the instructor attention. When invited to parties they love to say, “No Thank You, I have to study.” People love them because they are the ones people would go to either to cheat or ask for help. Then you have the Average cool kid.

They come in a little after the Early Bird. They are loud but quite funny when they enter the room. They have to greet everyone with saying “Well what did we have for homework because I forgot. Their homework is often turned in late or finish with only an hour to spare. Most of them are actually intelligent just doesn’t have effective time management skills.

However, they would party but would not party too hard due to work schedules or have a family they have to care for.Finally and most importantly, there is the late comer. They stroll to class with bonnets/durags on their head, half sleep, no type of books for class and just have that, I do not care attitude. They would attend all the frat parties and just did not care about their grades like the early bird and the average cool kid. The late comer would have a mindset that making a ‘C’ would be ok, long as they passed. They are not organize with schoolwork, would never study for test, and most of the time they would try to cheat. When class was over, they would be the first to storm out of class.

To summarize, college is a great place to become more independent and to figure out what life has in store. There is not a right or wrong student to be. There will always be the Early Bird who makes sure they were first in class, teacher pets. The Average cool kid whose intelligent but just do not have great time management skills.

Last but not the least, there will always be the late comer. They will stroll in late and be the first to leave. These Three types of students will all attend classes no matter what the time may be but there mission in college was to all succeed.


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