Shakespeare place and are inevitable. Romeo and

Shakespeare first presents us with two waring families, showing the enduring ‘ancient grudge’ amongst the Capulet and Montagues. The prologue states that ‘their death will bury their parent’s strife,’ creating the impression that their love was already doomed from a cruel overwhelming fate.

Many events conspired against Romeo and Juliet like the family dispute. In the brawl ceased by Price Escales, he announced that their ‘lives shall pay for the forfeit of the peace.’ He blamed the opposing parents for the deaths of the ‘two star-crossed lovers’ showing ‘what a scourge was laid upon their hate.’ Shakespeare consistently foreshadows the tragic ending of the lovers as mentioned in the prologue and provokes the readers to feel as though the events will eventually take place and are inevitable. Romeo and Juliet are bound to disregard their families, and deem their love surpasses all loyalties, emotions and morals.

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Their love proved to be fatal with their youthful passion blinding them and making impetuous decisions. The division between the families explored the social standings, displaying the complexity amongst the bold characters.


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