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“You educate a man, you educate a man; you educate a woman, you educate a generation,”-Brigham Young. 
Every day, we come across women who want to be independent, unique, and creative, appreciated and as well stand to be seen as equals with the opposite sex. 
I, a female who would like to be seen as active and independents want to fully enlighten you from the perspective of a non-feminist on what the famous word “feminism” means.
Emma Watson, who was recently shamed by the media over her baring a few her breasts in a Vanity Fair, and Gloria Steinem said: “Feminism at its core is about choice.” If we cannot choose freely how to behave, speak, act, and present ourselves, then we’re moving backward.

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In my favorite class, Biology, every topic we learn is always relatable to our everyday life. That’s what makes it exciting and fun. Today’s topic was on nutrition. Mr. Anthony, our biology teacher, told us the importance of a balanced diet.

“How many of you eat a properly balanced diet every day?” asked Mr. Anthony.

All hands immediately shot up.

Then there was a follow-up question.

“How many of you can cook a properly balanced diet?”
The number of hands up this time was different. Very few hands were up. Mostly girls but still very few.

“Why can’t you cook?” asked a boy to a girl.

“I’m still learning,” replied the girl.

“Why? Aren’t you meant to know how to?”
“A female’s place is in the kitchen,” said another boy.

“There was loud laughter. I will never marry a woman who can’t cook.”
On and on these silly comments were made. What got to me was when I heard a boy say “A female’s place is in the kitchen.” No doubt a female should know how to cook but what if she does not know how to? The argument was brought up and more of these comments were made. I heard things like “Women are just wasting their lives going to school when they will still end up being housewives,” “They are made to serve men.” 
Though this may have been true in the past, I believe that now women are more empowered and capable of handling much more. I brought up this argument and I was labeled as being a feminist by some of my class boys. Women who tend to stand up for what they believe and their rights as females are always struck as being “feminists.” There’s nothing wrong with being one but you do not have to be one to advocate for your rights on the ground of political, social and economic equality to men. Being a woman, you are: economically disadvantaged, at a higher risk of sexual abuse and also intimate partner violence. This still does not mean we cannot be empowered and seen as equals.

“Feminism is a bad thing.” They think feminists hate men, but feminism acknowledges two genders, not just about advancing women. Feminism does acknowledge men having privileges that can be used for good or bad depending on your choices and behavior. It reinforces gender rather than striving towards a post-gender society.

Feminism can make people laugh, inspire people and give people a lot of hope. It is the reason we can vote, advance in the workplace and takes actions if we’re mistreated. Educated or not, we can still stand up as equals with men in the society, be empowered and make a functional difference to those around us.
I have been given that opportunity and as a well-educated female who looks into furthering her education, I am opened to what the world has to offer and make that difference, feminist or not.


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