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Sharine Noel Most people know Abraham Lincoln as our 16th president, but what a lot of people don’t know is the huge things that he did for us and the ways he changed America for the better. Here is a few background information on Abraham Lincoln and how he got in this position.

He was born in February of 1802 in Kentucky. In the family moved to Spencer County, Indiana which was a free. Non-slave holding place and he never liked the hard labor of the frontier life. A few years along the line he got married to Mary Todd. Lincoln served as a county surveyor, then he decided that he wanted to get into law and he began to teach himself the law. Lincoln became a very successful lawyer with a great reputation as he began practicing law under his wife’s cousin. Lincoln than served a four-year term in the Illinois house of representatives.

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Abraham Lincoln admired the declaration of independence and its founders. Lincoln was all for that all men and women were to be equal no mater what race you are and what type of life that you came from. In 1860, Lincoln won the party’s presidential nomination against Douglas and this is where his legacy starts.

The homestead act of 1862 was passed in Lincolns presidency. This gave people ownership of land at little to no cost. All they had to do was live in the area for five years and show improvement. He also made the united states department of agriculture. He signed the Morrel land grand act which led to the creation of a lot of July,1,1862 Lincoln also signed the Revenue act of 1863 this made a system where the taxpayers were split up into various categories based on their incomes. This way of taxing people is still used to this day which was a great idea on his part I believe. Sharine NoelHe also authorized the first railroad connecting the Atlantic and the pacific coast.

The railroad companies gained huge fortunes and political power, and the government rune tracts of empty land into a railroad across America. In the late 1800s tension between America had led to a slip between the northern and southern states. The north was way more developed than the south. The south tried to bring up their agricultural production. The two than developed two different ideas on slavery. Lincoln made the decision to fight to prevent the nation from slitting apart. Abrahams foreign policy was also successful in making sure that other countries could not interfere in the American civil war. In January 1863 Lincol established the emancipation proclamation which was the beginning of the push for freeing the African American slaves of America.

The proclamation which was made during the American civil war, this allowed black / African American soldiers to fight for the union against the confederacy. This was also an image of the thirteenth amendment which made slavery illegal in the united states of America. In 1863 the national banking act was signed into law by Lincoln. It was created to help us have a strong financial system. Besides the banks Lincoln helped the economy grow by making canals, Railroads, factories and more.

During the civil war he had a lot of pressure on his back. There were many generals who were not ready to fight and groups from the opposite side threatening them. Yet still Lincoln kept it together and continued to fight until general Robert E Lee surrendered. Sharine Noel Lincoln’s most famous speech was the Gettysburg’s address in which he explained that we were fighting in this civil war to see if we could survive as a country. He stated a remembrance to the people who fought and survived and for the people who sadly lost them lives.

Lincoln had great leadership skilled. When they’re was a disagreement with himself and the advisors he would tell a story to show his point. This method seemed to work a lot for him and that’s why people admired him so much.

He had kindness in his heart and compassion mixed with so much wisdom. They gave him nick names like Father Abraham and many people respected him. Even Barack Obama said that he looks at Lincoln as a model of what he wants to be and become Lincoln was an inspiration to all and did many helpful things for us as a nation. To this day we are still thankful for all the great things that he has done. Surprisingly even while the war was still going on. Lincoln smartly began to plan the reconstruction after the war.

He thought of how to reintegrate the defeated southern states. He guided the people regarding reconstruction and decided that he wanted to plan something that would bring the nation together after the war. Rather than leave out the south. Everything that Lincoln did was great the most important thing that I believe that he did was end slavery.

Had it not been for him I don’t know where we possibly would’ve been in the future. Sadly, Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head at the ford theater in Washington Dc by John Wilkes Booth, and he died the next morning. Lincolns great legacy of a powerful leader and showing great authority shockingly did not last and or live on after his death, and over the next few years both the congress and the courts overpowered the white house in power and influence which is not what Lincoln wanted for the people. Lincolns long lasting accomplishments attributed to Lincoln and the wholeness of the union. The redemption of our democracy and the end of slavery, all completed by the way he chose to handle the problem that would have most certainly ended very differently with a different man in office, his great achievements were his ability to make everyone like his ideas without malice towards none.

No president in American history have ever faced a greater crisis and no president Sharine Noelhave ever accomplished so much. Even though he was killed we remain very thankful for all the great things that he had done for us.


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