She ssc checks and his father’s belongings and

She is still currently abusing the system today. She is getting loaded off my younger brother’s social security check from his father who died of cancer almost a year ago and did not leave a will. As soon as she found out that his father died, she didn’t call wondering where he was going to stay. She had not seen or heard from lil bro in years.

Instead, she called my eldest brother leaving a voice mail laughing about his father’s death and commenting on how she wasn’t going to attend his funeral. When DHS found out that my mother still existed and contacted her in regards to him she was hesitant at first until she found out about the ssc checks and his father’s belongings and he was forced to go live with her in her filthy cigarette-butt-infested rotting-maggot of a dump she calls home.She made the comment to an u/k informant that “it was about time she got paid.” My fourteen year old brother is not in school, and has not been in about a year. She claims she is homeschooling him just like she claimed to with me, but I know that he is just sitting in that musky old apartment wasting away at the hands of a person who doesn’t pay her taxes, and abuses alcohol and drugs with our tax money.This is one subject that gets me so heated. I totally agree with drug testing people on government assistance. I live in a town where there are so many people that are on welfare, some honestly do need it and some that could work but “play” the system and spend our tax dollars on dope.

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The same should apply to government testing as the workforce testing. If someone has to give a drug test for government assistance and fails due to a prescribed controlled drug, that doesn’t mean that they won’t receive assistance or that they will lose it. They simply have to prove that the drug is prescribed to them by a physician.


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