She be done unto me according to your

She was chosen by God for the greatest assignment ever given to a human being. Her assignment was to carry, give birth, nurse and nurture the son of God – the second man for the redemption of the human race. In order for this plan to work, God needed a willing vessel to be the mother of His child. Her name was Mary. Mary was an obedient servant of God, not unlike Adam and Eve. She obey God without doubt, when she heard Angel Gabriel she believed and trusted God. She said, “Let it be done unto me according to your will.

” So, Mama Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus is God. And Mary is the Mother of God, because of who Jesus is. Mary is a human person just like each one of us. Mary is given a title “THEOTOKOS”, Theo means God and Tokos means child bearer. All in all, Mary is a bearer of God’s child.

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Mama Mary is the woman of beginnings. We honor Mary because of her great privileges: she conceived without sin, became the Mother of God while remaining a virgin, and was assumed bodily into heaven. There she reigns as Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mother of the Church, God’s greatest creature and mankind’s greatest boast. We honor her because Jesus honored her and perfectly obeying the fourth commandment, and we are called to imitate Jesus. Mary herself tells us each one of us, she needed Jesus to save her. In a family, the mother is necessary, and so Mary in this sense she’s necessary for salvation.

Mary, as the first human to kiss the face of God and the first to believe in Jesus as her Savior, took her place in Salvation History as the first Christian. Mary was a real picture of beauty in and out – she was made pure and immaculate from the beginning of time in the sight of God, faith (in God’s plan) ; obedience (to the will of God) Luke 1:38, willingness (to give up her own Son to be crucified) ; Strength (to withstand the pain) and forgiveness (for those who crucified Jesus) ; love (for all mankind). Mary’s role in man’s salvation is clear, that is – to “bear Jesus” and bring Him into the world, to lead us to Him, to bring us closer to Him, to serve as our model of faith and obedience unto Him, to serve as our Spiritual Mother to nourish us for Him and to intercede for us to Him. The focus is never unto herself but to her Son, Jesus Christ.

The reasons for her role are not for herself but to lead us to Jesus.


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