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 Shopping cart Web server scripting is used in online shopping cart and it is used to manage the shopping cart so that the data that the customer has stored is safe and secure and that no one that doesn’t have the access cannot get to it.

Server-side languages are important to have If you run a website that has a shopping cart because you will need data one page that can be accessed on another page. An example of this would be adding an item on to your basket and then going on the basket page and all the items added are in the basket page. An advantage of this could be that you have different ways of paying for the item for example Pay pal or debit. A disadvantage could be that the user might not get the item it says on the website instead they get something different because they are not able to inspect the items. Reserve order Reserving orders is a feature to have on your website because the customer could be busy, and they might have time to actually buy an item, so they restore it by leaving it in the electronic shopping basket. Using server-side languages, the customers get the ability to reserve orders and the way that the customers would reserve orders is by using cookies, it will detect when the customer/user is back on the website. An advantage is that websites like Amazon allow the user to reserve an order for 24 hours and you assured that item is reserved for you. A big disadvantage could be that the website might not have been updated and your reserve time is up, and the item could have been bought and is now out of stock.

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 Manage user profile On the web server, a user could have stored their information on there and their information could be updated if it needs to be and the way that they would do this is by using PHP then MYSQL is accessing the database. The user is able to view their personal details and what item they have brought on that website. The user would normally get a username and password to log into the website and view their personal information. That personal information could include information like their phone number and home address. An advantage is that having the username and password to look at your personal information is a secure and safe way of doing it.

A disadvantage would be if your computer got hacked or the website got hacked then your personal information is now in the hands of the hacker and they could steal your identity.          Web content management Web content management is similar to managing user profile because, in web content management, you are able to store the content of the website onto your database but in user profile managing, you would store the user’s personal details within the database. The content of the website could be shown to the visitors through server-side languages. The manager could be the only person who would have the username and password for the admin account that lets them input of update content or records in the database. An advantage of this is that the website would user-friendly and the content of the website is secure of the admin account.

A disadvantage would be that the company might have had to pay a considerable amount of money for the website and if they got hacked, then the hacker would have taken the slot of money from them. Upload files If the user wanted to upload files to the server then they would have to use the functions of server-side languages. The way this would be done is using HTML code and that would store the uploaded files in a temporary file. The way that you would make the files permanent is by using web server scripting and after the files become permanent, you are able to open them as many times you as you wish. The web server scripting would move the files to a permanent location so that the user would have control and freedom over the files. An advantage would that if you store the information permanently then you go get it anytime that you need it.

A disadvantage would be that if your corrupts and you haven’t made a backup of the files, you might lose those files forever and you have to go through that process all over again. Website analysis If you want to access your database then you would use the server-side language which is PHP and every time that you load a webpage, a record goes into the database saying that you have been on that website. This would mean that the admin would have the power of seeing who accessed their website and they did it. A list could be shown to the owner of the website about the people that visited it and where they came from. An advantage would be the owner of the website would see who visited it, when they visited and who visited it. A disadvantage could be that some of the information in the database could be incorrect or it can fluctuate.                Features Advantages Interpreted scripts as alternative to compiled codeIf you want to have the code to be translated and executed line by line, then you will need to use interpreted scripts to that instead of the compiled code.

Interpreted scripts are basically step-by-step executors of source code and an advantage of web server scripting is using interpreted scripts instead of compiled code which is a translator that generates the code through a machine from the source code. This means that the code doesn’t need to comply with an application for it to be to run.Run as lower overhead code inside web server pluginsThis is an important advantage to have and in web server scripting, we need to have a lower overhead code. When you run your web server as a lower overhead code and you add the different plugins then you will get many features that will become available to you if you do this. Aside from the extra features, the code will run as a lower overhead as it is able to use some of the plugins that are already on the web server.

 Hide web server interface inside economical APIs The server-side scripts are in total control of the web server and the interface that they are using is very easy to understand and perfect for beginners or experts to use. You could have calledMH1  this an API and an example of this would be cPanel. cPanel is used for mail and SQL database and it is used to administrate web server options. This an advantage that is important because this API helps the user use different like Mail and FTP accounts.    Disadvantages  Increased complexity This is a big disadvantage for users because server-side language is a lot more difficult to learn then client-side language and it will take beginners a while to learn the different aspects of the server-side language. If a person wanted to use the language server side to its fullest capability then they will need some experience with it otherwise, it will take a while to learn everything. The reason that server side is a difficult language is that of the high level of features and logic within the scripts and security risks are very and that’s people use the language client side more than server side.

     Reduced performance The reason that the performance of the server side because of the interpreted scripts are more intensive code then the compiled code. You will need to get the step by step executors of source code to use the interpreted scripts on your server, the server will find it hard to keep up with all the demands and the server will have a hard time coping with the load work of the interpreter’s scripts. This is why the performance drops.   Code is interpreted not compiled Using interpreted script is a lot slower than using because the interpreted scripts go through line by line and they make a step by step process to execute that code. Each and every statement need to be interpreted before the actual code can be executed. When you are using compiled scripts, all translations are done for you and you don’t have to go through a step by step process, it’s much faster than that. The compiled code would be executed but the computers CPU and that would be faster and more efficient than having it translated at run-time from formats to CPU machine. Accessibility Alternative text Alternative text appears when actions from the server side are not able to send back a request from the client side.

The alternative text says to the user the reason that they can’t why the image cannot be displayed and the reason that we have that we have Alternative text is when the page that the user requested can’t be displayed due to slow connection or the browser was unable to retrieve any code from the client side. The users would automatically get the alternative text message when the page is taking too long to be displayed and the text could give the user a link to click on.  Resizable fonts Some users have difficulty reading something on a page, so they have to resize the content so that they are able to see it. Making text smaller is one of the accessibility features that are available to the users and all they need to do when they are resizing text is click on one button.

The user could use server-side scripting to customize a webpage, so they are able to see it with the same size of the font every time they go on that webpage. This customization could be remembered using cookies. The users wouldn’t need to Hassel themselves by zooming in out the page every time they need to read a small font and you could make the resolution of the screen bigger so that you don’t have to keep zooming in and out.

    Support for screen readers Screen readers are one of the accessibility features that are available to the users and this is an application that is used for people with disabilities like blindness and what this feature is that it interprets what is on screen and it will read it out. Many different web browsers help people with disabilities and screen reader is available on google chrome and safari and also screen reader has a combability with Windows or Mac. It doesn’t matter what it is, the partially sighted or blind would get whatever is on the screen read out to them even it was generated using server-side scripting.  Adjustable fonts.

 Adjustable fonts are linked to re-sizable fonts because adjusting the font would mean changing the colour so that you can read whatever is on the page. You are able to customize a page so that you find it easier to read and you would do this by using a cookie. Developers will include an accepted and readable text as part of the website so that as many users as possible will be able to use the site immediately and they won’t have a problem reading the text because of the contrast between the background and text.  MH1


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