short called as short range wireless technology.

short range wireless technology:–Signals travel from a few centimeters to several meters is called as short range wireless technology.short range wireless technology are :BluetoothWiFiZigbeeEnOceannarrow band Wi-sun. Bluetooth:frequency band of a bluetooth is 2.4GHzcommunication distance is ~10.transmission speed of Bluetooth is 1Mbps~In Bluetooth Available channel is 79. In Bluetooth there is no transmission time limit.

In Bluetooth FSK /PSK modulation technique is used.In Bluetooth network configuration is point to point.set time of Bluetooth is 6s~.

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Bluetooth have a security (Protocol level).communication node is Active to Active in Bluetooth.Bluetooth is used to transmit the voice and data at high speed using radio wave.every device using Bluetooth have a small chip which can send voice and data.In Bluetooth the master device uses link manager software to identify other Bluetooth devices to create links with them to be able to send and receive data.For the fast communication speed Bluetooth is used.

Zigbee:–frequency band of Zigbee is 2.4GHz.Zigbee can communicate Tens’s of meter.transmission speed of ZigBee is 250Kbps~ .in ZigBee there are 16 channel are available.there is no transmission ZigBee O-QPSK modulation technique is used.

ZigBee is adpotated in japan for remote control application that demand response.ZigBee network configuration is point to multi point.set up time is ;1s.In ZigBee there is no security.Communication node in ZigBee is Active to Active. WiFi::—in WiFi there are 2 frequency band 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

communication distance of WiFi is several hundred meters.transmission speed of WiFi is 2.4GHz has 13 availabel channel and 5.GHz have 19 channel.there is no transmission time limit.

DSSS and OFDM modulation technique is used in wifi.Wi-Fi is the best method to implementing wireless network for connecting to the internet at home. EnOcean ::–the frequency band of EnOcean are 315/868/905/920MHz.communication distance is ~200m.

in EnOcean transmission speed is 125Kbps.EnOcean have a transmission time EnOcean ASK/FSK modulation technique is used.EnOcean requires no power supply or maintenance, and instead uses energy harvesting technology to generate the small amount of energy needed from the environment (i.

e. light, temperature difference).in EnOcean frequency can varies according to the region.japan has a 315 and 928MHz while US have 315 and 920MHz of frequency Broadband:–frequency of broadband is 426/429MHz.communication distance of broadband is ~1km.

transmission speed is ~9600bps.broadband has 46 channel .in broad band there is transmission time limit.In broadband FSK modulation technique is used. Narrow band Wi-Sun::—Wi-sun has 900MHz frequency.comuunication distance of Wi-sun is ~1km.

transmission speed is 50Kbps~.there is 46 availabel channel.there is a transmission time limit.In Wi-Sun FSK modulation techniqe is used. WI-Sun has slower communication speeds than Wi-Fi but features longer communication distance, lower power consumption, simpler connection, and greater performance against obstacles.

NFC:–NFC is called as near feild communicationNFC has peer to peer network configuration.NFC range is 0.1m.NFC speed id up to 424Kbps.NFC setup time is


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