Should their mistakes and to make decisions

Should Parent be legally responsible for children action?Author’s Note: the intended audience for this argument is against the notion. Rise and upbringing of the child are what makes them a successful person, none of the parents what their children to indulge in anything bad or wrong, and after 17 or 18 years of upbringing, and after all these years if a child does the wrong stuff is that the responsibility of parents? I don’t think so. I think blaming parents is totally not worth it will not allow children to learn from their mistakes and to make decisions in life. The reason not to blame parent is that children have control over their own mind no one is making them do anything for instance is kids are asked to jump off the building by their parents they will not follow the command but will think and then act wisely then having best or worst parent doesn’t matter as they will do what they want. It is the surrounding that matters as if the child start spending with the one who is already into the dark society it will surely influence his/her behaviour of the way they think. Parent is also responsible if the child no longer lives with them for example, if he/she goes to the school in another city, it will definitely give them the hope that they are totally independent have no one can stop them to do the stuff they want. They might be going from something that they can’t share or they can even generate harsh feeling within which can burst out as their mistake.

The vicious dog analogy that states “Parents should control a child just as an owner should control dog” which is not a reasonable statement but this also doesn’t mean that they are free to do any inappropriate stuff that would make their parent ashamed off, they should always think and act. Like every coin has two fazes so does this topic, one should never consider the one phase. Many of the audience will the in favour of the notion and they are right, parents are responsible when the action is by minor for example, three or four old children are playing on a balcony and drop a toy on the head of someone walking by. The child will probably not be held responsible for any damage caused but if the parent were not supervising the child, they will be held responsible. Parents should know their responsibilities and make a good impression on their kid and guide them will.Wrapping up the topic, it is clear that it is not always that parents will be responsible for their children action or crime but the children are the one who holds the major credits because everyone has their own brain and parents can never get to know the mind of their child.

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