Similarly, “Into the Wild” is a film which explores the great potentials that lie within discoveries from ‘going away’. Christopher McCandless is initially wounded by the careless materialism and the emotional apathy of his parents. Their materialistic nature is depicted through the use of flashbacks, specifically the scene of his parents kissing blissfully in their new Cadillac – symbolic of material success – which is cross cut with chaotic, cropped shots of domestic violence and abuse. The superficiality of his parents lives therefore drive Christopher to seek discovery away from the urban landscape of the city, and to “walk alone… into the wild.” The use of hyper saturated cinematography of landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets, shot across wide angle vistas to inspire the audience into a sense of awe and freedom. The use of iconic, slow motion shots of Christopher in the wilderness, across landscapes of forests, rivers, deserts and snow further emphasis the feeling of ‘into the wild’, and the sense of absolute liberation that heals the trauma of his unhappy, superficial family.


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