Since noticed in this research that most

Since prevention is said to be better than cure, it is important to examine the root origin of the problem.

Thus, in this study reasons for smoking have been investigated to understand why teenagers become involved in smoking. It was noticed in this research that most of the respondents were non-smokers 41 (58.57%) and 29 (41.42%) were smokers. Smoking problem is increasing day by day. Many kinds of frustration are the major cause of smoking.

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Students are rulers of future, who are addicted smoking rapidly. So we should stop smoking to left the students or future pioneers. The respondents suggested certain methods for demoralizing smokers. 5 respondents believed that high cost of the cigarette packets would decrease the number of smokers. From the investigation, it was found that 21.42% respondents recommended “more advertisements (showing bad examples)” 11.

4% respondents recommended “counseling, and 10% respondents recommended awareness programme in schools and colleges. Another suggestion was the prohibition on the cigarette as a whole.Survey results indicated that peer influence, fashion, depression and curiosity were the main reasons behind starting smoking and that joy, addiction, and academic stress were the main reasons for continuing smoking. thus it is very important to create preventive strategies to reduce smoking. Cigarette smoking is prevalent among school-going, college-going in Delhi, therefore it is necessary to monitor the patterns of smoking which would be helpful in planning the better antismoking programs. There is a need to implement public and private health interventions, with unique attention to the smoking habits and harmful effects among the students for the youth age group18- 25 who are the golden future of our country. Smoking prevention programs should aim at identifying risk groups and finding measures to protect these vulnerable group from initiation.

Teenagers should be counseled on the effects of keeping bad company and adviced to pick their friends wisely. Projects should aim at helping youngsters gain enthusiastic control so that they don’t surrenders to pressures from peers. Additionally since teenagers learn by imitation, older siblings and family members should be educated on the risks of smoking in the presence of youngsters and futhrmore about leaving cigarettes at the disposal of adolescents. Young people ought to be upheld in methods for managing pressure with the goal that they don’t turn to cigarettes.Smoking is proven to be harmful to health numerous diseases are associated with it. Anyone with a smoking habit has a higher percentage of having lung and other types of cancer.

The only way to prevent the harmful effects of smoking would be smoking to stop smoking altogether. Because Brooke Shields once said, “Smoking kills. In case you are killed, you’ve lost an essential piece of your life.


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