Since on the possible operational and financial risks,

Since the beginning of my career, the only thing that kept me going was my appetite for knowledge and an aspiration for self improvement. I am in the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Administration team in a 110 years old insurance company, Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad. Working in a prestigious insurance institution had exposed me to the importance of risk management and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to account for the ever changing business environment. Eventhough I started off with no foundation in disaster management, I managed to rise up and got appointed as the departmental Business Continuity Plan (BCP) coordinator in less than three years; in which I organise and conduct BCP activities such as BCM Awareness Session and Desktop Walkthrough. I am also involved in the team that coordinate the organisation’s BCP annual activities.

These activities had taught me to think critically on the possible operational and financial risks, and determine what are the recovery options available to handle the risks. I hustle my way in gaining knowledge, doing research from management books and online and it has influenced me on my decision making skills and gain more insight on good BCM practises. The key takeaway for me; I found my passion in BCM. I recalled one of the incidents during our annual BCP Test 3 years ago, where we encountered several issues that could have been avoided from the beginning. After the testing, I reviewed our test cases and business processes and with the guidance from my immediate superior, we had implemented a contingency plan and successfully managed to avoid from having recurring issues in the subsequent BCP Test.

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My interest in BCM grew further when I was invited to write an article for a newsletter to cultivate BCM awareness and culture within the organisation. Aside from BCM related matter, I am also the main complaint handling representative, whereby I handle incoming complaints from various channels and analyse the complaint trend and provide suggestion for service gap improvement. As the representative, I am required to work closely with the country’s financial regulator and mediation body. To date, I am well versed in reviewing policy guideline, system operating procedure and work together with the senior management leaders to ensure the complaint handling process are aligned with the industry practise. My effort in improving the service quality had been reflected in my work performance as the complaints received by the organisation had reduced significantly over the past 3 years. In a quest of lifelong learning journey, I had completed Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI) and expecting to finish my Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) from Life Office Management Association (LOMA) in May 2019.

LOMA certificates cover the life insurance principles, products, customer needs, and company operations, which had benefited me for career advancement planning.In summary, I believe that by being a Chevening scholar, it will open a door of opportunities to hone my leadership skill to be a great leader specifically in disaster management and business continuity planning.


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