Since food poisoning and dairy products like milk

Since we have known how the MAbs are produced from hybridoma technology now let us has a glance on how effective this method is for the production of MAbs. To know such facts a study that was done by R.V. Natalia et al. which was published on the 2nd December 2017 is discussed here. The study they did was titled as “Immunochemical assay with monoclonal antibodies for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin H”. Now let us talk about their findings.
It was the S. enterotoxins that cause food poisoning and dairy products like milk are the most susceptible to SEH contamination. So in order to identify the SEH a very particular and effective technique had to be taken. R. V. Natalia and her fellow researchers exploited the gene that is expressed in the SEH and they were able to make a recombinant toxin. They were successful in preparing a MAbs which showed a very high- affinity by applying the hybridoma technology. What they found in their result was the most interesting part that there were no cross reactions between the antibodies and the SEH enterotoxins. So, by using such MAbs for the detection of SEH have become possible and easier by developing the sandwich enzyme immunoassay. The MAbs detected the SEH by a process named immunoblotting. By adopting this method they were able to detect the toxin upto 100% in milk.


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