Since love Ms Suzi. She is definitely

Since young, I have always been observant of people in terms of appearance and personality. It is very interesting to see how different people act when they interact variously between friends, family,and co-workers. Particularly, I would label them as “two faced” or “hypocrites”. The most obvious “hypocrites” and “two faced” people are probably teachers in government schools.During my primary days, teachers were like parents to me. They had every property as such like my parents that made me label them as parents in school especially a teacher whom I admire and love Ms Suzi.

She is definitely loving, caring, and foremost hardworking teacher I had known during my primary days. Whenever I struggle in school, the first person I sought for help is her because she will never say no to whatever i needed both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, other teachers were also similar to Ms Suzi in terms of attitude. As I grew to mature, I begin to detect different personalities of teachers towards different students and that ticked me to observe progressively about teachers. Eventually, I had already started secondary school.My first homeroom teacher in secondary school was probably one of the wisest teacher I had known.

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He would constantly advise us about the virtues and shortcomings that life has to offer. Every day, he starts of with by saying how much this world contains hate and anger. Thus, he would tell us that my generation are the ones who would compose this world to be a better place no matter how small the contribution is .But my perspective of how his personality has changed entirely to what I would never have predicted to be. As I walked my way to class I heard a very familiar voice yelling about two classes away from me and of course curious to see what was happening.

So, I slowly peeked through the window as if I was a spy and there I witness the unimaginable, my homeroom teacher yelling to a student like he was about to erupt a massive volcano just by using his voice. Since, I had already labeled him as a hypocrite by cause of what he said and what he actually thinks was far beyond what i imagined. Moreover, he was still nice to our and to only our class which made him a “two faced” person. Ever since then, my perspective towards teachers has changed entirely.

I mature in a school where teachers are not role models but rather counter examples to us students. Teachers do not teach because they love to but they teach for money. The quality of education is merely trash to teachers but fame is gold to them. To be able to obtain a good teacher then is almost impossible because there was not one teacher who had a good heart to teach and to raise students to become better people. In fact, it teaches students to be just as corrupted as them.Till today, I still hear rumours about my secondary school being even more corrupted. Scandals between teachers now exist in that corrupted school that I have never wished I had gone to.

The outcome of having hypocrite and two faced teachers has probably affected students in that school today and has now been labeled as one of the worst government school in my area. This shows how problems with government school roots from teachers. So, how can teachers change the future of students with those personalities?how can students change their future with teachers with those personality?


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