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Singing in the Rain Singing in the Rain is a 1952 romantic-musical comedy American film. starring by Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, and Gene Kelly who was also director and choreographer with Stanley Donen. This maybe the greatest musical film of all time mostly with its transition from silent films to talking films. In this movie, audience could see different elements like sound, especially the music and talk, Exposition, Climax, Resolution, Rising action, Settings, costumes, makeup, lighting, actors, props, special effects, Choreography – choreographer, Action / physical arc, Emotional arc, and much more which made this movie the greatest The movie started by exposition which is beginning of the story where the characters and setting are introduced, and here we saw the real-life famous actor called don when he started his career when young and how he was poor. This famous man has partner called Lina which is famous too in silent movie, mean with no talking movie. Lina with comically voice, made audient always to laugh. Don’s best friend has the idea to overdub Lina’s voice with Kathy, in here we can see kind of parallel action which means relevant party confront other, kathy with beautiful voice and Lina with bad voice.

We can see also raising action which is building of interest when getting Lina to lip-synch while Kathy sings in behind the curtain. where the audience loved the voice and the movie start getting more and more success., but Lina start getting jealous and tries to destroy the romantic relationship between Don and Kathy by getting her fired. She become worst and trying to make trouble that everyone hated her. The audience asked Lina to sing live, and again kathy helped her with her voice. We can see kind of climax which meant of highest interest is, when don and his friend open the curtain to let people know who really singing with this beautiful voice. Kathy tries to run away, but Don asked audience to stop her and told them that she is the real star.

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We can see here kind of emotional when kathy cried and started singing for audience. Then we can see kind of falling action kind of even occur after climax, where people noticed who is the real star, we can see also denouement which revelation is, don and kathy ends up married and Lina ends up fired. In this movie Protagonists are Don, Cosmo and Kathy because they are always together and they help each other and they go in same direction to make the movie success and change for better, but in other side Lina is the Antagonist because she go other direction and trying to make trouble for all of them and doesn’t care about none except herself and doesn’t accept any change. Mise-en-scene here which mean telling story in both visual and artful helping audience to more understand this movie and fell it. mise-en-scène is simply how tell a story.

And put all element en scene like lighting, props, costumes, actors, and the movement within a frame. music and talk, Resolution, costumes, makeup, lighting, actors, props, special effects, Choreography – choreographer, Action. All this help audience more understanding the movie and the the real meaning of the story. The film was great, funny and romantic, it was very enjoyable and funny, the music and dancing were perfect, I never seen like that before, the story of don and kathy so lovely. I would recommend this film to every person who likes fun romantic musicals.


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