sitting. this period. I’m prepared to wait

sitting. “How did it go?” she asks cautiously.

I only shake my head at her – but like with so many other things she seems to understand. “It’ll get better from here,” she says. “I promise. History is done with. You only have your math classes now, and English. That’s not so bad, right?””It still doesn’t change the fact that I probably bombed the history exam,” I grumble – and she subsides with a worried frown, saying nothing more on the topic.

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After lunch, I have an exam in algebra, which turns out to be much less stressful than its precursor. The only real issue is the kid next to me, who proceeds to cough and sneeze every other second, jarring me out of focus every time. I barely finish before the bell rings to dismiss us from the classroom.

As I have no exam for the fourth block, I’m free to leave school for the day. Mack, however, does have an exam this period. I’m prepared to wait the two hours for her to be dismissed, but she texts and tells me to go on ahead. ‘I have something already planned for tonight, anyway,’ she says.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow, though, I promise.’ You could say that I’m a bit irritated and probably quite upset as I walk home. Luckily, it doesn’t start to rain this time – but as it has on and off almost all day, snow begins to flutter down from the darkening skies above. It sets a rather peaceful tone, but doesn’t do much to dispel my mood.?Today’s exams seem to be no better than yesterday’s. My concentration is lacking, to say the least; I can’t stop my mind from wandering on to the topic of Norah and my mother who I found yesterday kissing- I refuse to call her my mother’s girlfriend- not because I don’t approve of her being with a female, but because it’s Norah’s that she was kissing- or to Mack’s depressed mood earlier this morning.

Worries about both subjects follow me on through my final two exams, and then again as I sit in the cafeteria to wait for Mack herself.Somehow, I can’t bring myself to care about what grades I may or may not have scored today. It’s like this constant worry, hovering overhead like an obnoxious grey rain cloud, just can’t seem to leave me alone, not even for a second. Mack soon appears, looking just as tired and moody as she had earlier – but there’s a hint of triumph in her careworn expression. “We’re done,” she sighs as she plops down on the chair beside me.”The tests are over..

. Merry Christmas, Alec.”


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