SITUATION in 2016, to 3.1 million jobs.

SITUATION Nowadays, fossil fuels have had impact on the environment such as creating global warming and pollution.

The world is becoming a more dangerous place to live. This critical and serious issue can’t be ignored. Moreover, the most important thing for the development of a country is energy. That is why renewable energy sources are very important.

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For this reason, we have to find some solutions to the use of fossil fuels. One of the most effective solutions is using renewable energy. So what is renewable energy? Renewable energy is the assemblage of wind, solar, geothermal energy and etc. Solar energy is the result of the conversion of solar rays coming into the world into heat and electricity with the help of solar panels. Wind energy is generating energy by using wind which is occurred due to pressure and rotation of the earth. Hydroelectric energy is the type of energy that is obtained from water flow velocity. Renewable energy sources are energy sources can renew themselves in a short time. Each of these renewable energy types have significant advantages to protect future generations.

One of the biggest advantage is that they are unlimited. It means these type of energy sources are never ending and can be restocked time and again. This provides a huge advantage to the environment. Also, t is important because it contributes to the development of domestic resources and reduces external dependence. One of the other advantages is that it provides job opportunities for people.

REN21 reports that about 10 million people are employed. According to REN21 “The renewable energy sector employed 9.8 million people in 2016 – a 1.

1% increase over 2015. Global employment in solar PV increased 12% in 2016, to 3.1 million jobs.

Biofuels employment increased around 3% to an estimated 1.7 million. Some 1.2 million people worked in the wind power industry in 2016, a 7% increase over 2015. The number of solar heating and cooling related jobs declined by an estimated 12%”(REN21, 2017) It follows from this that the usage of renewable energy technology has been becoming widespread in these days. According to REN21 China, the United States, Brazil, Germany and Canada are countries that have highest renewable energy capacity and they continue to take place near the top. China has the more than %25 of world’s renewable power capacity. This amount of capacity totally nearly 600GW which includes approximately 300 GW of hydro power.

Also, renewable energy resources more than %25 of the world’s power generating capacity and this amount enough to supply an estimated 24.5% of global electricity, with hydro power providing about 20%. (REN21, 2017). It means, RE have major impact on the national economy. These numbers explicitly show that there should be more developed RE technologies to save the world. PROBLEM Beside fossil fuels, renewable energy which is derived from wind, rain, waves and geothermal heat is a good solution to prevent increasing the amount of carbon emissions. However, there are several barriers to usage of renewable energy sources.

First of all, a huge investment is required for its infrastructure. But it’s cost is very expensive. Renewable energy producers have difficulties to obtain that much money. This means customers may not afford to use RE. Another problem is that evaluating or criticism for technology is needed more knowledge. Due to lack of information of renewable technology, approaches of people are suspected to setup of RE technology.

Also, many costumers think that using wind and solar energy are not a good solution to reduce bad effects of climate change. Because they are available only at certain times. For example, if the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, what is the point of building RE tech? As it is a newer technology compared to traditional resources, they don’t have enough information to make choice whether it is reliable or not.

Additionally, some of the costumers, think that especially solar and wind farms give rise to visual pollution. For this reason, they don’t want to keep living near them. Briefly, destroying concerned of people about using renewable energy is another challenge. Another thing is that required subsidies are not be supplied by the government as much as they do for fossil fuels. 1996 Pacific Northwest Laboratory report shows that approximately, the quantity of subsidies which are regulated by governments for renewable energy is quite lower-approximately one out of fifth-than fossil fuels.(Pacific Northwest Laboratory report, 1996). Also according to Union of Concerned Scientist “For fiscal year 1996, Congress appropriated $422 million for fossil fuels, $227 million for nuclear fusion, $252 million for nuclear fission, $400 million for nuclear waste (only half of which is paid for by nuclear waste fees on generators), but only $273 million for all renewable energy technologies combined.”(Union of Concerned Scientist, 2017).

Thus, this averts to supplant renewable energy to fossil fuels. In addition, according to EF Conserve Energy Future people face health problems because of using fossil fuels. According to a study by US Environmental Protection Agency approximately $400 to $900 billion is spent every year by the Americans for health issues. Because there are no enough renewable energy facilities.(Rinkesh,2009).

RESPONSE 1 Much more efforts must be made to reduce carbon emissions and decrease sea levels which is gone up due to increasing atmosphere’s temperature, briefly to reduce level of climate change. One possible solution to be able to make it real is that government must create economic policies to encourage businesses and companies to make an investment for RE. According to IISD, in 2017, the amount of subsidies that are given to fossil fuel producers is more than $100 billion in the US. However, this amount for renewable energy producers is much lower than half of this.

(IISD, 2017). This shows that governments and businesses should do more. If the government organize subsidies in the countenance of renewable energy producers, even fossil fuels producers will be encouraged to use RE. Also, Renewable energy facilities must be undertaken by the governments. RESPONSE 2 Another possible solution is that negative effects pollution and global warming can be prevented significantly with the help of using high technology. Thus renewable energy technology becomes more reliable. High technology provides to reduce wasted energy majorly and it is very important for in point of protecting the environment.

Additionally, with the help of high technology much more energy can be generated. This means, much more energy will be stored from wind farms, solar farms and geothermal areas. However, it necessitates financial power. As a solution, this money that is necessary to develop technology can be supplied from taxes which are paid by fossil fuels producers or nuclear power providers. If their taxes are increased, obviously there will be remarkable decreasing on using fossil fuels. Thus, renewable energy technology will be preferred instead fossil fuels. RESPONSE 3One of the biggest problem about using renewable energy is people’s concerns. Due to they have no enough knowledge about RE, they don’t want to use them.

But if these new useful technology can be elucidated for the people who have still apprehension, these worries which pose an obstacle to RE technology can be annihilated. EVALUATIONAs long as these problems are not exterminated, renewable energy technology cannot become widespread. For this reason, the most effective solutions must be chosen and implemented. When these responses that are mentioned above are considered, it can be seen that actually all of them would promote using renewable energy. The government policies will have a positive contribution for this aim. If the cost of renewable energy infrastructure changes is provided by the government, the renewable energy users would be encouraged. Also, if the renewable energy taxes can be reduced, it would be in more demand. As a consequence of this, renewable energy obviously would be promoted.

Moreover, if the government take upon themselves to build renewable energy facilities, the money which is spent for health problems that fossil fuels causes will be much more decrease. In addition to this, if technology continues to grow renewable technology will be more reliable and people’s concerns will decrease. The efficiency of producing energy will be maintained by the usage of high technology productions. Much more energy can be produced in a short span of time. If the quality of technology which is used for generating energy from renewables is high, then the fact that even if the sun isn’t shining or wind is not blowing, energy can be generated.

It means that much more energy could be stored. Also, it will provide more efficiency. As a conclusion, solutions which are covered above must be implemented. Otherwise, the negative effects of using fossil fuels such as health problems, environmental pollution, keep going to affect humanity and environment adversely. For example, some animal species face with a danger of extinction. Moreover, some parts of land on earth submerge due to melting ice with the increasing atmospheric temperature.

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