Slavery fields. Most slave families were broken up

Slavery had a huge effect on everyone involved including white slave owners. Slaves made their plantations more valuable and profitable.

It allowed the owners to expand easier, and make a profit quicker. Slavery allowed them to restrain a group that they believed was lesser to them, and keep them under control. Since they were not required to pay their slaves, they could treat them unwell, and get as much work out of them for the smallest amount of money possible or most of the time no money at all, while using them for economic development. Slaves were treated awful by their owners. Those slaves worked on the farms were forced into horrible conditions, and were barely given the essentials to enable them to live and work.

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They were often received harsh punishments such as whippings, and the work they were forced to do was grueling, and many of them died out in the fields. Most slave families were broken up once they arrived in America and throughout their lives as slaves. Some slaves ended up developing their own language and culture in order to communicate with each other to plan escapes without the owner or master knowing what they were talking about. Some slaves who worked in houses sometimes had an easier time and were better taken care of than those on the plantations, but they were still treated unfairly. They were closer to the family that owned them, and often learned from the children they were taking care of, or overheard lessons that were being taught. Even though, not many slaves were able to gain an education, but once they did, their desire for freedom only grew.

Slavery negatively affected the non-slaveholding whites, and their ability to contribute and benefit from the economy, and pushed them even farther into isolation from the South. Most whites in the South who didn’t own slaves were poor farmers, and other whites who lived separated from Southern society. They looked down upon slave owners, and the practice of slavery as a whole. Since the larger plantations controlled the agriculture in the region, they were unable to farm enough to make a profit significant enough to be comfortable. Those who looked for jobs on larger farms were unable to do so because all the jobs were taken by slaves because they were cheaper. Slavery was harmful and bad for non-slaveholders because it did not allow for them to gain anything from their hard work as a farmer. Free blacks were looked down upon by whites due to the fact that they were once slaves.

In the South, slave owners were desperate to get every slave they could get their hands on, even if they were freed. Also their lives as former slaves made it nearly impossible for them to gain jobs, and receive a decent education. Overall, slavery placed countless amounts of hardships on free blacks due to their former position as slaves.

Slaves maintained their own distinct culture through languages, dance, and religion. Slaves eventually developed their own culture that enabled them to maintain a sense of unity. They developed a language of their own,pidgin, incorporating African speech patterns into English. Also, field workers used songs in the presence of whites, and usually expressed their faith, but also lamented their bondage and expressed hope for freedom. Blacks throughout the South developed their own version of Christianity, incorporating practices of voodoo and other religious traditions from Africa. They adapted themselves to slavery by forming complex relationships with their masters.


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