Sleep dreaming are common. NREM sleep is

Sleep is a reversible behavioral condition of mind and body where the nervous system not active, eyes closed, the muscles relaxed, unconsciousness and unresponsiveness to the environment. There are two states of sleep which are rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). REM sleep are the paralyzed body with active brain which the spinal motor neurons and postural motor tonus were suppress and several events of episodic of rapid eye movements, atonic muscles, irregular cardiorespiration and dreaming are common. NREM sleep is a movable body within active and inactive brain where low tonus of muscles, minimal mental activity and dream in sleep are very rare (Carskadon et al., 2011).
The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF’s) reported on year 2014 the suitable sleep duration for newborns between 0 to 3 months (14-17 hours), infants between 4 to 11 months (12-15 hours), toddlers between 1 to 2 years (11-14 hours), preschoolers between 3 to 5 years (10-13 hours), and school-aged children between 6 to 13 years (9-11 hours), teenagers between 14 to 17 years (8 to 10 hours), young adults between 18 to 25 years and adults 26 to 64 years (7- 9 hours) and older adults more than 64 years (7-8 hours) (Hirshkowitz, 2014). The variability of sleep length are affected by several factors of individual lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol drinking, marital status, medication, sex, age, background of genetic and volitional influence (Friedman and Krueger, 2009; Van der berg, 2009; Carskadon et al., 2011). Based on study by Van der Berg (2009) concluded that women have shorter time of sleep, low sleep-onset latency, less sleep efficiency, poor sleep quality than man.
The related disease or poor health increased caused by sleep style are diabetes, cardiovascular, workplace accidents, obesity, underweight, insomnia and apnea while the mental dysfunction such as depression and stress can lead to abnormal behavior, socioeconomic and family problem (Stone et al., 2008; Van der berg. 2008). Sleep very important in immunity production of leukocytes and lymphocytes for body defenses such as inflammatory regulation active in production during the sleep (Irwin, 2015). For 70 years old human spent more or less 23 years old of their time with sleeping but one in five adult can’t get the enough sleep because of careless, busy with working and many more world business for their life that actually shorten the life.


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